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10 Big No-No’s on a First Date

First impressions matter. This is why first dates are very important. Whenever you go on a date with someone for the first time, you want to make the best impression. You change your hairstyle, take your best clothes, and use… Continue Reading →

Are Humans Meant To Be Monogamous?

In a world where the divorce cases are on the rise and marriage rates are slowly diminishing, you have to wonder what’s going on. Many factors show why the marriage-divorce ratio is now at 2 to 1 for more than… Continue Reading →

The Cons of Waiting for the Perfect Partner

We are living in a period where the number of couples getting divorced or break up is increasingly high. The reason is that most of the people usually refuse to date and see what’s out there. Because of their lack… Continue Reading →

Dating Your Best Friend: Should You Do It or Not?

This seems to be one of those questions whose answer still has no common ground. In fact, the question puzzles people more than it allows them to provide it with a straightforward solution. For a reason or another, dating your… Continue Reading →

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