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Top 10 Shortest Marriages Ever

Maybe you’ve never thought about this – the shortest marriages ever. Yes, most people believe that marriage is a commitment that you take for a lifetime and they don’t think about divorce right after the wedding. Well, sometimes this can… Continue Reading →

Top 10 “Most Wanted” Couples in the World

You’ve heard of them before. Couples that did crimes together seem to be a popular topic among fans of “Most Evil” and “Wicked Attraction.” The fact that killers have little to no empathy towards their victims yet they feel love… Continue Reading →

15 Most Popular Couples in History

The most popular couples in the world cannot be contained in fifteen places. The best known couples in the world would need one hundred places or more because you can get many types. In this top most popular couples list,… Continue Reading →

The 15 Craziest Things Done in The Name of Love

If you’ve been in love at least once (who hasn’t been?) you must know that the feelings you experience could make you behave irrationally. Although we are sensible, responsible adults, when it comes to love, we often lose our head…. Continue Reading →

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