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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do After a Break-up

Break-ups come unexpectedly. When you think that everything is going perfectly and you’ll be happily ever after, they say it: ’’I think we should break up”. It breaks your heart and throws you into depression. They could happen to anyone…. Continue Reading →

“We’re on a Break” – Is It Just a Break or Is It Forever?

If you have been in one or more relationships, you might have heard from your friends or even experienced the “I need a break” talk. It sucks, especially if you’re the person who’s hearing it and you weren’t expecting anything… Continue Reading →

Foreplay – A Stepping Stone for Your Sex Life

Everybody knows that the journey is more meaningful than the destination. This is why, sometimes, it is not necessarily compulsory to hurry things up in order to reach the peak you set in mind and achieve the satisfaction you desire…. Continue Reading →

How to Tell You’re in a Toxic Relationship

People can often find themselves being unhappy with their relationship – thing is they don’t really identify why is their relationship bad or even the fact that it’s not their fault. If you’ve identified yourself with these words, you might… Continue Reading →

10 Big No-No’s on a First Date

First impressions matter. This is why first dates are very important. Whenever you go on a date with someone for the first time, you want to make the best impression. You change your hairstyle, take your best clothes, and use… Continue Reading →

Should You Forgive Your Partner if They Cheated on You?

Finding out that your partner is cheating on you, or that he/ she has cheated on you, is quite devastating. Naturally, the first emotions you are going to have are going to be those of anger, sadness, and disappointment. You… Continue Reading →

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