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How to Be in a Relationship and Still Feel Free

Many people consider that being in a relationship equals renouncing their freedom, personal viewpoints, and wishes. That’s because many people convey relationships as traps when, in fact, they should provide the perfect background for our personal development. Some stay away… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Build Emotional Intelligence as a Couple

Contemporary psychology is focusing more and more on emotional intelligent couples. The idea of a person being aware of how his/her partner feels and how to respond to such emotions is something that isn’t discussed that much. It might be… Continue Reading →

I Fell in Love With My F&%K Buddy. What Should I Do?

You didn’t see that coming, did you? But come on, can you swear that you believed in that “We’re just friends”, which is, by the way, one of the biggest lies humanity has invented, apart from “I’ll quit tomorrow”? Let’s… Continue Reading →

21 Things to Do When You Get Bored In Your Relationship

A relationship has two stages: the first few months of bliss where everything is sugar, hearts, and unicorns guiding you on the rainbow of love. During that stage, everything is perfect; you never get tired of each other, every day… Continue Reading →

21 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Your Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship proves to be difficult sometimes, especially if you have been together for a long time. There are several reasons why relationships seem not to work anymore. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that they do something wrong that… Continue Reading →

5 Actionable Steps to Live a Long and Healthy Relationship

As a couple, you probably don’t know how to make the most of your relationship from the very start. I’ve always felt relationships are something between a bubble of heaven and a needle of anxiety. You’re new to the couple… Continue Reading →

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