Why Parents May Lose Custody Over Their Children

Custody fights are some of the most challenging things divorced parents can go through. When both spouses want full custody over their little bundle of joy, things get complicated, particularly when there is no middle ground. In the end, the battle will either lead to a stable custodial arrangement or one parent getting full custody rights. 

But this doesn’t always end here. While a parent might get custody of their child, they can also lose it in some cases. In fact, some of the reasons why parents might lose child custody will be very surprising to you. 

Whether you’re getting ready to fight over the custody of a child or the battle ended with you or your former spouse winning, it’s important to know what could lead to one losing custody. That being said, we’ll present you with some of the most common reasons for this:

  • Child Abuse

One of the main reasons that could make one lose custody of their child is child abuse. Abuse comes in many forms. It can be physical or emotional. No matter the type, abuse is wrong, and judges don’t fail to act accordingly in these situations. 

Physical abuse differs from one case to another. Some parents have anger management issues and take their anger out on their children, while others mask abuse as punishment for the kid’s misbehaving. 

Emotional abuse, on the other hand, is sometimes harder to notice, but it can have long-term consequences on the child the same way physical abuse has. It can involve a parent neglecting their child’s needs or not returning the kid’s love and affection, as well as using insulting words or phrases or screaming at the child. 

If child abuse is detected, the responsible parent can lose custody. 

  • Child Abduction

Child abduction cases are not something you only see in movies. 

Abduction involves a child being taken by one of the parents so they can have full control over their kid while preventing the other parent from having any say in the child’s life. 

Sometimes, one might take a child from one city to another in the same state. In other cases, parents might take the kid to a foreign country with no intention of bringing him or her back. 

By abducting a child, a parent can lose custody.

  • Substance Abuse or Addiction

Nowadays, many people become addicted to different substances such as alcohol and drugs. Being a parent doesn’t stop one from becoming an addict. This addiction starts for many reasons. 

One might be looking for some relief for certain body pain, or they might simply try to forget about financial problems or similar things. No matter what, a parent who is addicted to any substance can endanger his or her child or neglect them. 

Substance abuse is one of the most common reasons why some parents lose custody of their children. Therefore, if you obtained sole custody of the little one, you shouldn’t be dealing with a substance use disorder, or the judge will take action against you.

  • Being Negative to the Other Parent

Following a divorce, two former spouses will not always have the good relationship they used to. Although some stay friends or decide to act decently for their children, some people resent their former partners. Sometimes it’s justified, but other times it’s out of pure hate for the spouse who left them. 

If you have a child together and you fought for custody, you should know that being unsupportive of the co-parent can affect the custody settlement. Things can especially look bad for you if you ever threaten the former spouse or initiate a fight with him or her. 

The judge will have to take custody away from you and give it to the unproblematic parent, making sure the child is raised in a stress-free environment.

  • Going Against Court Orders

After a custody dispute is over, parents are expected to respect court orders. This means that one or both parents will have to be involved in the child’s life decisions and must respect custody exchanges. 

If a parent violates these orders, they might lose custody. One common reason is a person making major decisions for the child without consulting the other parent. 

Final Thoughts

In 2021, about 4,586 children were adopted in the state of Texas according to DFPS. If the parents of an adopted child get divorced, they must settle the custody in such a way that the kid lives in a healthy environment. Adoption attorneys in Texas can help you if you’re in this situation. 

But remember – if you do any of the things listed above, you can lose custody in an instant.

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