Why Your Style Means More than Your Clothes

When we hear people talking about their style, we can almost always tell that they’re talking only about what they’re wearing. In short, today’s generation thinks that clothes make the man and that style is derived solely from clothing.

Naturally, if you know a thing or two about fashion and how it interacts with society, then you also know that style implies more than just what you’re wearing.

Style, some would say, is the combination of everything that makes up your personality plus the confidence that you gain from wearing a killer outfit. Others would argue that style is the persona that one takes on when they dress how they want and act how they want in public, more or less.

Let’s cut to the chase and see why your style is more than just your clothes!

You Can Control Style

According to various artists, style is something you have full control over. By extension, this means that, via style, you can also control your personality, habits, mood, and way of being.

As a result, everything might start with a simple outfit that you chose, but it will expand to everything else that makes you, YOU, including your personality and confidence. In this case, style is like a wheel, with fashion and personality merging as it spins.

It Takes Courage to Approach Style

Style, style, style! When you create an outfit for the day, your mind often goes crazy and comes up with really interesting things. But what makes you stop choosing the craziest idea in your head? That’s right, confidence, self-esteem, and the likes of these two concepts.

And this is exactly what makes style more than just an outfit. Style is also the energy that you emanate when you decide to go wild. Naturally, that very energy will affect your mood, personality, and overall being (and wellbeing).

Style as Nonverbal Communication

Regardless of what it actually means, style is one of the best ways to communicate yourself (sometimes almost literally) to the world around you. The same happens when you’re not afraid to try something new, even if it is surrounded by controversy, such as CBD products, for instance.

Many would say no to using it, despite its benefits, but if you take a short look at what this store has in stock, you’ll understand why so many people use it to style their style

Style sends a message with no words – a message that can be heard even by those that are not listening. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, style is a pretty complex thing. At the same time, even though it comes with many definitions, they all seem to circle back to some very important things – personality, confidence, and wellbeing.

Style is more than just putting on an outfit you saw someone else wearing and expecting it to give you the confidence or personality of the other person. Style is making clothes, even the simplest ones, yours, and having them represent you and what you stand for.

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