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Top 7 Weird Things That Couples Do That Are Totally Normal

When couples first get together, everything needs to be perfect. Obviously, they will share hopes, dreams, and feelings – but they will feel so on edge when they are with other that they barely do anything that remotely sounds “weird.”… Continue Reading →

21 Tips to Visit the World on a Budget as a Couple

So you and your partner have decided to go a long trip to visit the world. While it’s a fantastic idea, you do a little math and discover that your budget is short. You start questioning whether this is a… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Craziest Things You Can Do With Your Partner

It seems to be common knowledge that a long-term relationship automatically equals boredom. However, marriage or commitment is not a sentence and there are plenty of crazy things you can do together to keep things interesting. 1. Bunjee-jumping You know… Continue Reading →

Things to Do on a Rainy Day – Ideas for Couples

It’s raining. Again. And all your plans are messed up because of this. Well, maybe not all of them. You can still spend some quality time together, even though the weather is not that friendly. By “quality time together”, I… Continue Reading →

Dinner for Two. Untapped Ideas and Tips

Dinners are probably some of the most used pretexts for first dates, marriage proposals, birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. Sometimes, they can be a simple excuse to just get out of the house and do something “special”. But is going to… Continue Reading →

Start the Day with a Smile. Special Breakfast in Bed Tips for Couples

For me morning is probably the best part of the day. When I was single I woke up, made my coffee, enjoyed the silence and smoke two-three ciggares while preparing my day. It was my time of meditation, a sacred… Continue Reading →

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