10 Things You Need to Know About Remarriage After Divorce

Getting divorced doesn’t instantly close the gates for a happy love life. Even after putting an end to a previous marriage, you can meet someone new and enter a new marriage. 

You never know when you’ll meet a new person who makes your life better. It can be in the most unexpected moments – you lock eyes with someone once and start a conversation that leads to something greater after months or years. This might occur even when you think all hope is lost in terms of love. 

Following a few years of dating, you may be thinking of getting married and living together. But before doing that, there are 10 things you should know regarding marriage after divorce, and we’ll present those things below. 

  1. You Don’t Need to Rush

Just because you found someone else, it doesn’t mean you need to marry overnight. It takes some time to process all the feelings you go through after a divorce, and you shouldn’t jump straight into getting remarried. 

Now, sure, each individual is different and will process emotions in his or her own way, but it’s best to wait and give things some time to settle. It will be better than doing everything in a rush. 

  1. There May Be a Few Challenges

You have to understand that getting a new partner after being married once may come with a series of challenges that you probably didn’t deal with in your first marriage. 

For instance, there may be shared children, financial responsibilities, increased dependence, social networks that were affected by the divorce, as well as some resentment towards your former spouse. 

Although you’ve found someone that you want to spend your life with after the divorce, things will not settle instantly. You will both have different pasts, obligations, routines, parenting styles, and so on. 

  1. Men Are More Likely to Remarry

Generally, men are more likely to remarry after a divorce. For example, in the 1960s, only 48% of women remarried while 70% of men remarried. However, by 2013, the rates changed. 52% of divorced women are now likely to get married again, while 64% of men are likely to do it. 

  1. There Could Be Waiting Periods in Some States

Some states impose waiting periods for those who want to remarry. Fortunately, most states do not have this, but if you are unfortunate enough to live in one of the states with a waiting period, your plans to marry sooner may be ruined. 

  1. You Should Consider Therapy

Whereas you may have found a new person to love, it doesn’t mean things cannot go downhill in this marriage as well. Therefore, if you want to avoid going through a second divorce, you should consider therapy. 

According to statistics, around 15% of second marriages are terminated within 3 years, whereas 25% are terminated within 5 years. But by going through therapy, you might avoid another divorce by learning to understand each other, compromise, and avoid fights.

  1. There Are High Chances of Getting Married Again

Just because you went through a divorce and your first marriage had to end, it doesn’t mean you cannot fall in love again and get married. In fact, statistics show that the majority of people who divorce end up remarrying after a while. 

  1. Children Suffer Too

Your children will feel the effects of the divorce. After losing one of their parents or having to visit one or the other frequently, they are faced with the challenge of accepting their stepfamily. Very often, these children feel that this would be like betraying the other parent. 

This is why it’s important to talk openly with your child and not force him or her to make choices. Take it slow. 

  1. You Should Consult Your Lawyer

Speaking to your lawyer can help you discover potential legal restrictions regarding marriage. Not only that but he or she can help you understand possible decrees that affect a new marriage if your new partner also went through a divorce. 

  1. A Prenup Should Be Considered This Time

Now that you’ve experienced marriage already, you should know how things work, and you should consider a prenuptial agreement this time. Don’t be scared to talk to your new partner about money and try to make a mutual agreement. 

  1. Your New Spouse May Not Feel the Same About Your Children

Your new spouse may accept your children, but don’t expect them to feel the same way about them as you. Although the bond may grow stronger over time, it is not always the case. Try to make things work between them, but don’t force anything.

Final Thoughts

In 2021, 13.52 out of every 1,000 people were divorced in Colorado. If you are about to get divorced in the state, don’t hesitate to seek Boulder county family lawyers to make the process smoother. Then, you will be ready to find a new partner and remarry.

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