Scientific Advances Will Change How People Get High in the Future

In this age of almost constant uncertainty and stress, people want to feel good, unwind, and relax after a hard day of work. If we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s safe to say that the majority of people just want to get high!

However, the high has a price. For most, it’s the actual cost that stops them from relaxing in this way, while others are concerned about the long-term effects of marijuana/pot on their bodies. It goes without saying that while marijuana comes with great benefits for some, it still has some drawbacks.

Fortunately, we have two reliable partners that can help us get high more safely – namely, science and technology. According to numerous predictions, the two will soon revolutionize the way we get high and might also make it more accessible to the average person!

Getting High in the Present

At the moment, the average person doesn’t have many options when it comes to getting high without risking addiction or taking illegal drugs that could lead to an overdose or high-risk situations. The same applies to alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.

In short, most of the common ways to unwind can end up being unsafe for someone’s both mental and physical health. 

One of the few exceptions is the consumption of marijuana (casually) or of CBD products, such as the ones found at Both options come with a great variety of products, from edibles, tinctures, and oils to vape liquids. 

But this is only the very beginning. Many people don’t yet have a wide range of access to CBD products for example and, at the same time, the research of marijuana itself is still in its early stages. 

The Future of Marijuana

Growing, breeding, and selling marijuana is not something that is difficult to do. For quite a long time, pot growers have done their best to cross two different plants, select the best outcomes, and repeat the process until they were left with a highly potent marijuana strain/plant.

Naturally, this type of breeding is designed especially for those that want to get “out of their minds” high and forget both today and yesterday, so to speak. But the world, in terms of  science and technology, has evolved.

As marijuana and its counterpart, CBD, get more and more approval on a global scale, people have moved from just wanting to get high to wanting to unwind more casually. After all, a consistent or heavy stoner might not have the same luck finding a job as someone who takes a CBD pill once or twice a day. 

It is predicted that, in the near future, companies will use science to further study the plant and make products for all types of people who would like to get different things out of the products. Highly potent but safe ones for regular users and low potency products that could be enjoyed just like a soft drink for those who want a less intense experience.

Mood Will Be the Focus

Reportedly, those that are currently researching the cannabis genome suggest that mood will have ever-increasing importance for both the manufacturers and the consumers of such products.

We can see this trend in marijuana strains and CBD products that are advertised as helping with certain afflictions or mood swings, depending on their potency and/or frequency of use. 

Ultimately, the mood a certain product is able to produce will be the main factor that people will take into consideration when buying something. This is a valid point as, even now, we buy leisure products and miscellaneous things based on the emotional outcome that they’ll produce for us. 

Fight Against Addiction

At the same time, non-addictive products are the focus of many researchers. As you might know, even marijuana is addictive, as it causes a use disorder that is quite serious and can lead to severe addiction.

The biggest reason that companies invest in marijuana research and the creation of a non-addictive product is money.

A non-addictive marijuana/alcohol/opiate-based product will be able to be advertised in the same way as alcohol or at least be available for retail in physical shops just like cigarettes for example. Ultimately, both consumers and manufacturers win – but, naturally, this depends on the costs of those products as well.

Sobering Up Pills

Last but not least, there are also various news articles talking about pills that could  sober you up, regardless of what you did or took last night. If the science and funding around these concepts are strong enough, we could also see these pills taking over the market, while drugs themselves will stay where they are.

Basically, one could be addicted to alcohol and whatnot, but they could always rely on such a pill to stop their addiction – at least for the time being. Just as with the previous points, in the end, it all depends on which strategy brings in the most money for companies worldwide.

As we are all aware, companies do tend to avoid fixing problems and, instead, release pricy short-term solutions. If this is going to be a trend in the future as well, we might see more of only the addictive parts of the drugs that get you high

CBD is On Track

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that CBD and its related products are setting us on the track to a brighter future in terms of recreational and non-addictive drugs. Due to its increased popularity due to the pandemic, the CBD industry has become a leader in the market, a fact that translates into more money to fund research.

Given that CBD was also found useful for certain serious afflictions, such as chronic pain and PTSD, maybe one day we’ll get to see CBD, a recreational drug, become a respected and potent medicine in the future.

The Bottom Line

Things will definitely change, and they’ll do so sooner than we think. Before assuming that we’re a long way away from addiction inhibitors or extremely futuristic ways of getting high, also take into account that recreational marijuana was legalized just 10 years ago.

On top of that, a pandemic basically sent CBD into the orbit of every marijuana user as well as those ordinary people that needed some stress relief. As such, a simple yet meaningful event in the near future could even have THC/CBD (in one form or another) added to perfumes, essential oils, and so on. 

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