Sick of COVID-19? Here’s Why You Might Have Pandemic Fatigue

Covid 19 Pandemic

The pandemic seems to drag on indefinitely. Those that have established (for themselves) that COVID-19 will be around for a while might not experience what’s now known as pandemic fatigue.

On the other hand, the people that had to give up on a lot of things that made them happy or simply helped them keep up a healthy routine now have a harder time keeping it together, so to speak.

For instance, the main things that the majority yearns right now are social activities, going on holidays, and enjoying summer as one did in the past. Pair this with a plethora of other things imposed by restrictions and regulations, pandemic fatigue is certain to become a common state of being!

Continuous Risk of Infection

Naturally, one of the main reasons why we experience this pandemic fatigue is the fact that we have to constantly be careful not to get infected. For more than a year now, every time we leave our home, we have to properly prepare for yet another fight against this virus.

As such, you equip your face mask, load your disinfectant vial, and maybe even add some sterile gloves to your hands while shopping. Even though not everybody suffers from respiratory issues, breathing with a mask on in a shopping center half-full of people isn’t easy.

Not to mention the stress and anxiety we get when someone gets too close to us or when we hear a random cough in the distance. All of this makes us tired beyond imagination!

The Actual Infection

The next thing that contributes to our fatigue is the ever-increasing worry that we’ll ultimately get infected and, if we do, we constantly ask ourselves how bad is it going to really be.

Given that most cases that were mediatized features severe COVID-19 symptoms, we now expect the worst when considering the possibility of catching it. Even though there are a lot of people that were asymptomatic or experienced mere harmless symptoms, we still can’t rule out the serious ones.

The Reassurance of the Numbers

While being reassured that the infection rate and the number of daily deaths have decreased, such information isn’t well-received when it’s being sent our way on a daily basis.

Having, or better said feeling compelled, to check the numbers and statistics every single day promotes a feeling of tiredness that, potentially, can never end. Imagine if you sat, every single day since March 2019, and analyzed the daily numbers related to COVID-19.

Some people are doing just that, to reassure themselves that everything is going to be OK or to see if they should be more careful when going out. Naturally, this translates to extreme fatigue.

A Variety in Behavior

How does one get really tired? Well, when they don’t know what they’re supposed to do, try to follow the people, but get extremely confused as everybody is doing something else!

This is pretty much what happens every time the restrictions change and we go out. The media says that pubs and bars are closed but, when you get out, you get a glimpse of people having fun, not respecting social distancing limits, in a pub/bar hidden somewhere near your home.

The same happens when they say that everything is now allowed, but masks are mandatory. You then go out and notice that more and more people are not actually wearing masks. This increases stress, anxiety, and overall makes us more tired than we were when we knew one thing – that we have to stay indoors.

The Need to be Social

Last but not least, one of the main factors that contribute to pandemic fatigue is the fact that we constantly yearn to connect with people or engage in social activities – just like we used to.

Many people are known to have broken down under the pressure of not being able to meet with colleagues, friends, and family. Naturally, this takes a toll on them as, with every renewal of restrictions, they expect that one news stating that they can meet their elders or their friends living abroad.

According to statistics, 4 out of 10 adults started to experience depression and anxiety since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Bottom Line

By now, you probably already know why you have pandemic fatigue. Since we all experience the same rules and regulations, it’s very likely that we all have this particular condition.

Nevertheless, if you keep on searching for ways to escape the fatigue and keep yourself busy, you’ll feel better in no time!

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