Top Signs the Car You Bought Is a Lemon

Buying a lemon car is one of the biggest nightmares drivers have. Spending a big sum of money on a car only to discover it was a lemon all along can be very disappointing. You might even be afraid to buy another used car so that you won’t be scammed again.
Not only is it annoying, but it can also be very dangerous, both for you and the other drivers, as it might cause accidents. So, what are the signs that allow you to spot a lemon?

  1. The Steering Wheel Is Loose
    A very common sign of a lemon is a loose steering wheel. More often than not, this indicates that there is some type of issue related to the steering fluid or alignment. In other situations, it may also indicate that the vehicle has run its course and will stop functioning soon. In this situation, it’s best to stop driving that car because it could be risky for you and other people nearby.
  2. Worn Tires
    Check out the tires and see whether they are worn out. The signs are usually not in the middle but on the sides. There will also be some unevenly distributed line on the tires, which often show that there are break malfunctions or suspension malfunctions.
  3. Recalls
    Recalls refer to common factory faults that a car model has and that have been issued by the manufacturer. So, what you can do is check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration list of recalls and see if your car model is listed there. If it is, then there are high chances that your vehicle is a lemon.
  4. Tailpipe Smoke
    More often than not, when there is smoke coming from the car’s tailpipe, it can indicate that there are certain issues. For instance, the air filter is probably dirty if there is any black smoke coming out of it. However, if the smoke is blue, the chances are that there is oil burning. The reparations for this will cost you quite a bit. It also gives you a clear sign that the vehicle is a lemon.
  5. Hissing or Knocking Sounds
    When you buy a lemon, another common sign is a knocking or hissing sound coming from under the hood. They can even come together. Hissing may be the sound of leaking fluid, whereas knocking could mean that there is a head gasket or piston in the engine that could blow at any moment.
  6. Problems Are Not Fixed after Reparations
    If you took your car to the service yet nothing can be done about it, your vehicle is probably a lemon. Therefore, to handle this situation, you should contact a lemon lawyer and see what could be done in your case. It’s really easy to find one. If you live in California, for example, just Google California lemon lawyer and you will find a myriad of options, fit for every budget.
    Final Thoughts
    It’s not pleasant to find out that your vehicle is a lemon. Still, it’s better to discover the signs sooner than later, as it can help prevent accidents. Contact a lemon lawyer and see what your options are.

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