What Happened to the World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain and Why it Went Bankrupt?

The start of 2017 didn’t come with great news for the world’s first vegan supermarket chain, as it went bankrupt and seemingly pulled away from modern history. After all, how many of us did know that there once was a vegan supermarket chain available?

Moreover, it’s also an interesting fact that this chain was not in the USA. Instead, it was located in Germany and had the name Veganz. Let’s take a closer look at what happened and why bankruptcy attorneys had to step in!

A Short History

The (in)famous chain saw the day of light in 2011 and was created by someone who used to eat meat but was also exposed to more than just enough vegan products and foods. 

However, the creator was quite determined to see his idea work and, eventually, got his vegan supermarket chain out of Germany as well. We could say that it was a global phenomenon but on a small scale.

This is pretty much the history of this chain. The creator saw a specific demand for vegan foods, especially since they quit eating meat, and decided to fulfill it. Naturally, their main idea or selling point was that many people were vegans or would want to. 

The Main Issue

Back in 2011-2015, the vegan movement was up-and-coming and even quite strong, according to some. Only certain products came with vegan labels – unlike today -, but they were hard to find, despite the moderate demand.

Even if Veganz provided vegans across Germany with the one thing they wanted – a chain specialized in vegan food-was the lack of demand brought this chain to ruin.

On top of that, sources and statistics also saw that a severe lack of planning had its fair share in the collapse of Veganz as well. 

The Explanation

Bredack, the very creator of Veganz, stated that, unfortunately, the vegan supermarket chain idea somehow outstripped itself, mainly thanks to the growing supply of vegan produce. 

Moreover, when asked about their upcoming store location – Portland, US -, the owner replied that they chose it only because they heard it’s incredibly vegan-friendly. Naturally, this implies a lack of preparation and planning in terms of marketing and market research.

The Real Issue

There are roughly one million vegan people in Germany. Thinking of a vegan supermarket chain, you’d expect all of them to do their shopping there, right? Well, that was not the case.

Reportedly, around 80% of all the people who have ever set foot in Veganz were not vegetarian or vegan. In fact, they might have just been looking for a healthier alternative to some product or such.

Because this is what has become of vegan products, nowadays, they are no longer part of a lifestyle, as they are regarded – mostly wrongly – as healthier, more expensive products.

The Bottom Line

One can say that Veganz was a successful supermarket chain. It might also very well be the push that Europe needed to get into the vegan movement. In any case, it did help the growth and popularity of vegan products, as they are now used and sought after by everybody.

Naturally, every major supermarket chain now has its own vegan section – perhaps thanks to Veganz and its legacy?

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