15 Most Popular Couples in History

Most Popular Couples in History

The most popular couples in the world cannot be contained in fifteen places. The best known couples in the world would need one hundred places or more because you can get many types. In this top most popular couples list, we will present couples that are famous, that changed history or because they got famous for other reasons.

We will also present some infamous couples because we like to spice things up a bit, so get ready for that. Got your cup of tea ready? Let’s begin:

  1. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

It’s Hollywood’s most famous couple. You can’t beat this couple regarding famous movie made. Here are some examples: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fight Club, Lara Crofts: Tomb Raider, Snatch, Se7en, Fury, Ocean’s series, The Bone Collector, Maleficent and much more.

This couple began officially dating in 2005. While they are not married, they are still a couple. They did adopt three children and had three biological ones, and their relationship is still famous to this day.

  1. Prince Charles and Princess Diana

When it comes to royal couples, nothing can come close to this pair, especially in the eighties. The couple married in 1981, yet they divorced in 1996. Princess Diana, Lady of the Wales, was killed in 1997 because of a car accident. The couple had two children, William and Harry.

  1. The Obama couple

Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama tied the knot in 1992. They became famous because Obama became the president of United States in 2008. They have two girls, Sasha and Amalia Obama.

  1. Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino

If you ever saw Pulp Fiction or the Kill Bill franchise, you will know why these two go hand in hand. They are famous of the silver screen and on as Quentin pops in individual roles across his movies.

  1. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger of Nickleback

If you like listening to modern rock, you cannot say that you haven’t heard about these two rock artists. These two got engaged in 2012 and married in 2013 in France. Although Lavigne announced that they were separating, they got back together five months later.

  1. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

We warned you that things would get a little spicy. This infamous couple began a serious relationship in 1932. In a brief civil ceremony in 1945, Braun and Hitler were pronounced husband and wife. After forty hours, the couple committed suicide by biting into a cyanide capsule and being shot in the head.

Historians say that Eva wasn’t anti-Semitic and she wasn’t too keen to be in a relationship with Adolf, but in the end, she swore that she would be with him until the end. And so it was. So if you wanted to know one of the most popular couples in history, there you have it: Eva and Adolf.

  1. Katy Perry and Orland Bloom

One is a famous singer while the other is a famous actor. If you don’t know about The Pirates of the Caribbean series or Katy’s Roar, Dark Horse or Firework, then you must be living under a rock. The couple has been spotted in different locations: at the Golden Globes, at a vacation in Hawaii and Bloom’s manager birthday.

  1. King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

After Henry divorcing Catherine, Anne Boleyn was his next wife. Now everything is normal until now. Henry beheaded Anne Boleyn based on charges of adultery. But scholars think that Henry wanted to get rid of Anne Boleyn so he can marry Jane Seymour.

Because of the way he treated his wives, Henry is dubbed as the worst husbands in the world.

  1. The wildling and the Stark

If you haven’t watched the HBO series Game of Thrones, stop reading this, get your favorite drink and food and start binge watching Game of Thrones. It’s one of the best series in the 21st century. Now, let’s get back to our couples.

Kit “you know nothing, Jon Snow” Harrington and Rose Leslie are enemies at first, in the Game of Thrones series. But they quickly fell in love and resulted in one of the most famous couples on-screen and off-screen. The co-stars dodged relationship rumors for three years, but they made their debut as a couple on the red carpet in 2016.

We would like to give more details as to why this couple is famous on the silver screen and in real life, but that would mean a lot of spoilers. And you know how a Game of Throne fan can react to spoilers. Hell will be paid!

  1. Jay-z and Beyoncé

What can we say about these two music giants? You heard them on the TV, on the radio, you probably saw a couple of Youtube videos or heard their song in a couple of games. They began dating in 2002 and kept a low profile on their relationship. They collaborated on songs called “Crazy Love” and “Bonnie and Clyde.”

While they aren’t like the real Bonnie and Clyde, they are indeed one of the best couples in the world. You know why? It is because of Beyoncé’s song “Single Ladies” and the fact that she made Jay-z put a ring on it in 2008. In 2012, their first child was born, named Blue Ivy Carter.

  1. Prince William and Kate Middleton

Have you ever heard about the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge? If not, you may be missing out on one of the most known marriages in 2011. They broadcasted their wedding live on TV all over the world, and the ceremony was fit for a royal couple.

Prince William and Kate Middleton met for the first time in Scotland at the University of Saint Andrews. The news is circulating that the Duchess may be expecting a third child. The first two are named Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge.

  1. Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and John F. Kennedy

When John F. Kennedy was a congressman, he married Jackie in 1953. They have three children, but one of them, Patrick Bouvier died two days after his birth because he suffered from infant respiratory distress syndrome. The couple remained together until John F. Kennedy’s famous assassination in 1963.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

One doesn’t need a lot of information as to know about Black Sabbath and who the bat-biting Prince of Darkness is. Ozzy Osbourne met his future wife when she was just eighteen years old. She was the daughter of Black Sabbath’s manager.

They started dating years later when Sharon became Ozzy’s manager because he was kicked out of Black Sabbath because of his substance abuse. In 1982, they decided to marry and have three children: Kelly Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne, and Jack Osbourne. If you don’t know about this couple, you should search for Ozzfest or The Osbournes series.

  1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

If you want to know why this couple is famous, just search the Youtube for Tom Cruise and Oprah’s couch. We will wait. Ok. Done? Now ask yourself, why is this video so popular and why is this couple so famous? The reasons are pretty simple; Tom Cruise was so madly in love that he almost broke Oprah’s couch.

This guy was all over her furniture like a madman. The coupled married in 2006 in a Scientology fashion, another thing you should Google, and they were dubbed by the media as the TomKat couple. The couple has a daughter named Suri, but their relationship lasted for five years.

In 2012, Katie Holmes filed for divorce and moved out. Even after the divorce, this couple is still popular and talked about. Good on them!

  1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon of Beatles married Yoko Ono in 1969. The famous couple spent their honeymoon promoting peace while staying in bed. John Lennon was respected among old and new fans, while Yoko Ono is still considered a mystery in the world of art.

They remained married until 1980 when John Lennon was murdered in front of Ono by Mark David Chapman. Every member of the Beatles band went their separate ways after this tragic event. Despite all this, this coupled is dubbed as one of the best couples in history.

Honorable mentions:

As stated in the introduction, a top fifteen list for the most popular couples in history is short, to say the least. This is why we will present some famous couples that are memorable for various reasons.

Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu – is an infamous couple, mostly because Nicolae was the Romanian president in the communist period.

Madonna and Sean Penn – this is a famous couple because they are famous in the music and film industry. What increased their fame is the fact that Sean Penn was prone to violent behavior against Madonna and the media was all over it

Bill and Hillary Clinton – this presidential couple is popular among Americans and over the seas

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – no need for explication here

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