21 Tips to Visit the World on a Budget as a Couple

Tips to Visit the World on a Budget as a Couple

So you and your partner have decided to go a long trip to visit the world. While it’s a fantastic idea, you do a little math and discover that your budget is short. You start questioning whether this is a good idea or not and you hate looking at your loved one and telling him or her that you can’t make this trip. But don’t worry there is always a solution and this time we got you covered.

There are tons of articles on the internet that are mostly oriented on small budget visits around the world but only for one person, not a couple. You may think that just because two people are travelling your costs may double, but you are wrong.

So without further ado, here are our 21 tips to visit the world on a budget:

1. To visit around the world in the 21st century requires some research and what better way there is to than by using the internet. The internet can show you in real time all the prices that go around the world. You can also watch videos or view photos of the places you would like to visit so you know whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

Live streams of people visiting monuments or other countries can be, found and you post questions in the chat and receive a reply in real time. In your situation, this type of technology can come in handy, so get cracking.

2. While surfing the internet, check for transportation prices. Some airlines may give a price reduction depending on the season and period. Expect prices to go high in the summer and lower on other seasons. Also, don’t just look at the airline prices. You can also look for how much a bus ride can cost you. Some of them can be cheap as dirt and can cover miles, so keep that in mind.

3. If you have friends or family members abroad, talk to them. Say you are going to visit their country and maybe you will spend less money. Friends and family can let you and your partner crash at their home, eat there and also give you free rides.

Not only that, but they can also be your guide to their city or even their country. The list of advantages can be endless. And let’s not forget that visiting other countries as a couple can be fun, but you can double your fun with a friend or two.

But remember, just because they are your friends and offer the comfort of their home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t repay them with a gift upon arrival. It is rude and maybe next time they won’t be home when you will be knocking on their door for brunch.

4. Couchsurfing is the next best thing. Let’s say that you don’t have any friends abroad. You can check couchsurfing sites and make friends from every country. These friends can offer you a place to sleep, maybe some food and you spend some time playing on their console. The possibilities are endless.

The only thing that you should be on lookout is that the host is trustworthy and also tells you how much you can stay at them. Usually couchsurfers stay anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days before moving to the next host. We also heard that some couchsurfers visited whole countries with a couple of bucks in their pocket and some clothes. Impressive!

Try to bring a gift for your host as a sign of gratitude.

5. Before going on a trip around the world, try to save some money. If you and your partner both earn a decent salary you can put one salary towards your monthly taxes and other needs and one for your trip.

It is important to try to save some months worth of salaries before going on a trip. The reason being is that a low budget trip around the world still costs money and it’s better to have some in case of emergency.

6. When you arrive in a country, try to use a bicycle. They are cheap, can be rented and are easier to use for sightseeing. Also, they can be stored easily and fast. Try to save as much money as you can and avoid using taxies or even busses.

If you can bring your own bike, that can also improve your spending abilities.

7. If using a bike isn’t enough when you want to save, try going on foot from point to point.

Going on foot alone can be either be boring or time consuming, but when you are with your loves one time flies and you are also having fun. Not only that, but it costs nothing and sights can be wonderful when shared with your partner. You can talk about it or just go and visit whatever you both find appealing. The sky is the limit.

It’s also easier to stop by and ask the locals for direction or even for a short chit-chat. The locals are usually friendly towards tourists and will gladly help you and your partner. And of course, no trip can be completed without talking face to face with the locals of the country you decided to visit.

Going on foot is a more personal approach to understanding the locals and the place you are visiting.

8. Apart from the usual expenses (transportation, food, booking, etc.) try to save some money in case of emergencies. No matter where you are, you will probably need a change of tire, a quick transportation, a map, whatever.

It’s better to have the money and not to spend it than to have no money and needing it. Also, in case of emergencies, keep a spare battery for your phone so you can call someone who can help you, either with money, advice or a ride.

You might be a tourist, but you can easily get into trouble as well as anybody, so prepare yourself if such a situation occurs.

9. When you’re in a country where you have mix between expensive restaurants and accessible restaurants, do what the locals do.

If the locals frequent the local restaurant or club, go there. Chances are that those are the most affordable, but that doesn’t mean they are the worst. If the locals can go there almost on a daily basis, so can you and your partner.

You can have fun and feel comfortable without having to empty your wallet.

10. Rent an apartment instead of spending the nights at a hotel.

If you were expecting to use a hotel when you are going on a budget trip around the world, let me just tell you right now that would be the biggest mistake. Hotels are expensive, even the cheapest ones, so why not rent an apartment for a limited time.

Some apartments can be rented for a couple of weeks with the same money you spend one night or a couple of nights at a hotel.

So think twice before you start looking to book a hotel room and start searching for cheap apartments that you can rent. There are lots of them especially near Universities or schools.

11. Instead of going to restaurant, try cooking your own food.

No matter how cheap a restaurant can be, they will never be cheaper than buying and cooking your own food. That’s a fact. So instead of ordering that succulent steak that you’ve been eyeing for a couple of minutes, why not buy the steak at local supermarket and prepare it at home. It’s easier, you can mix it up with the local’s cuisine and we can bet you’ll still have a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Having a romantic dinner in another country without your wallet screaming at you? We’re in!

12. Instead of eating under the Eiffel tower, why not go on for a picnic?

France usually has one of the nicest restaurants and diners in Europe, but they are also expensive, even for some locals. So what can you do on a beautiful summer day, when you want to have your coffee and enjoy the view along with the love of your life? Get ready for a picnic, that’s what.

A picnic can save you a lot of money and also can offer some benefits that a restaurant can’t. Enjoying a meal and a cup of wine while viewing the tower is one thing that you can also do in a restaurant, but you will never relax on a blanket set on the fresh French grass in a restaurant. Well, not to our knowledge.

Anyway, the possibilities are endless and we definitely prefer going to a picnic.

13. Visiting the museums, monasteries and art galleries can be fun and also cheap. Ask for a discount price if you’re in a group and your savings can go higher.

It may sound boring at first, but you might find interesting stuff that you can talk about. It’s safe to say that some places offer free access so keep an eye on those.

Visiting monuments can also be free or come with a low fee, so it’s good to know about them.

14. If there is a festival like St. Patrick’s Day or Rio de Janeiro Carnival, you can safely go without spending a penny. There are plenty of festivals like these around the world and most of them are free.

The festivals are packed with fun and are diverse enough in movement and color to mesmerize you the whole day. Avoiding them while in the town is a sin.

15. Cheap festivals are also something you can watch out for. For example Oktoberfest usually means drinking and eating with a couple of people you just met and you can have a lot of fun with strangers.

Another festival that can cost you some money but not a lot is St. Patrick’s Day. While we said you can attend the festival, let’s face it, you need to indulge yourself with some Guinness beer and do some river dancing with the Irish. It’s like Christmas, but with more green.

16. Free music festivals are something new and can be of your liking. They are around the world, raging from country music to electronic music and most of them are free. That’s the big reason why many teenagers annually attend these festivals.

Spend some time selecting which festival you would want to attend and get ready to have a lot of fun while blasting the music to the maximum.

17. Bring everything you need with you and so that you won’t spend money on basic things. Usually a pack of batteries or sun screen, or whatever you want, costs a lot more in other countries than back home. Not only that, but you might not be using your item to the fullest and you might end up going home with it and having two of the same for no good reason.

So to avoid this, try to make a list with all the items you need on your trip and stick to that list. Don’t bring unnecessary things just so you can carry them around when you can use that same for something useful.

18. If you’re in Rome, instead of buying water, refill your bottle with fresh water from the fountains located in the city. This will save you a lot of money especially in the summer days when the temperature is high.

Also, try to refill your bottle using tap water at home so you can avoid unnecessary trips to the fountains. Usually the tap water is as fresh as the fountain water and is less chemical than in other countries.

19. Try to spot local bakeries that are usually run by a family. These types of bakeries prepare fresh food at a lower price. Not only that but by supporting them you support the local economy. So think about that if you are going to the same place in a year or two.

Another thing to mention is that the same thing can be applied when you are going shopping in a bazaar. The merchants there bought the products with their hard earned money and even so, their prices are still lower than a big company store.

If you want to save more, you can haggle with them and you might get a lower price. You only need just to pay attention to the right merchants.

20. The local supermarket is your friend. Even if you are at home or in another country, the local supermarket is always there and it’s time to take advantage.

If at home, some stores offered higher prices for the same products you would find in a supermarket then abroad those prices are double. As a tourist with a low budget you don’t need to buy expensive, fancy stuff. You just need the bare minimum and that’s why you can buy most of the required products at your local supermarket. Chances are, most of the prices are equal or lower than what you paid back home, so it’s a win in our books.

21. Don’t be afraid to borrow from your friends or family.

If it’s about a camera, ask your friend if he can borrow a video camera for a limited time. Say that you will treat him with a couple of beers or whatnot when you get back home. Just ask your friend and he might help you with your situation. If he accepts, guess what? You just saved a couple of hundred bucks for a video camera, money you can spend on your trip.

You can also ask a friend or a family member to lend you some money, for a limited time. The advantage is that unlike a bank there is not interest rate or other taxes to pay except the money you owe. Take advantage of these types of situations as you can get a lot more done just by asking.


So this was our twenty one tips for visiting the world on a budget as a couple.

We hope that you learned something interesting for each tip we offered and don’t panic, there are many secrets on how to achieve this kind of tip on a low budget that our list didn’t included.

Ask a friend if he went abroad and ask him if he can give you some tips as to how to spend your money in smart, economic way.

Watch reality shows about people going on low budget trips around the world and do list of what to do and what not to do.

All you need is some imagination, some guts and your loved one besides you and you are all set.

Have a nice trip!

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