The 15 Craziest Things Done in The Name of Love

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If you’ve been in love at least once (who hasn’t been?) you must know that the feelings you experience could make you behave irrationally. Although we are sensible, responsible adults, when it comes to love, we often lose our head.

I know, I know, this is a cliché, but let’s have a look at our top consisting of the craziest things ever done in the name of love. If anything, these happenings are meant to dazzle, amuse, or even inspire you.

  1. Husband and wife get surgery to look alike

Ok, we’ll begin our list with something equally awkward and crazy. Each of us knows that couple, who is so much in love with one another that they finish each other’s sentences, and use funny nicknames and so on. Some couples that are crazy about one another even start to look alike after a while.

Nonetheless, a couple wanted to get this to another level. Neil and Jacqueline Megson wanted a permanent change. Wearing matching sweaters and outfits didn’t meet their standards.

What they did was get plastic surgery so that they would look the same. Without a doubt, this is one of those crazy things done for love that makes you wonder if one is sane or not. Well, it’s not our job to judge.

  1. Man asks his friend to shoot him so that his girlfriend would sympathize

If you thought things couldn’t get weirder than that, rest assured, we have another case for you. Apparently, this man was so much in love that he lost his ration. Apparently, there was too much love inside of him so that he could think straight.

20-year-old Jordan Cardella begged his pal to shoot him (yes, you read that right) so that his ex-girlfriend would feel sorry for him.

Jordan’s sense of logic assumed that if he got shot, his girlfriend would consider getting back together with him. So what do you think? Did she or did she not fall for this?

Of course, she didn’t. We would have judged her badly if she had. Such scenes are better fitted for soap operas not for real life. This isn’t one of those love stories you want to hear talking about, right?

  1. Man fakes a hate crime in attempt to save his marriage

What we’re about to tell you is definitely one of the craziest things done in the name of love. This story is about a desperate man who would do what it takes to save his marriage. And we’re not overreacting. What he did was set a cross on fire in the middle of his lawn, together with a warning from the KKK that she shouldn’t leave her husband. One thing led to another, and this got the attention of the police. Eventually, the husband admitted to what he has done, saying that it was a desperate attempt to mend his marriage. How about next time you get her a vacation instead? Something to consider.

  1. Husband and wife live like cave dwellers, in the name of love

This is the story of a Chinese man and woman who had to run away from the society to be with each other. Due to the age difference (she was older than him with 10 years), they had to get away from the world. So what they did was living in a cave, in the mountains.

They stayed there for no less than 50 years. How they managed to survive is beyond us, but they did. On top of that, Liu (the man) carved 6,000 steps into the side of the mountain, using only a chisel, to make the cave more comfortable for living. This is definitely one of those love stories that makes you say awww.

  1. Russian man stages his death to propose

Moving on to the next story on our top insane things done in the name of love: think about this scenario. You have a date with your boyfriend at a bar. Instead of gazing into each other’s eyes for ages while enjoying a drink, picture this, a bunch of ambulances, police, and your boyfriend lifeless on the ground.

Apparently, according to this man’s thinking, by doing this he made his girlfriend realize that her life without him would he empty.

  1. Woman tattoos her ex-boyfriend’s name on her face

18-year-old Russian girl Lesya Toumaniantz didn’t think that tattooing the name of her boyfriend on her body would be enough. She thought that doing this on her face would make more of a statement.

Her boyfriend, in fact, is the master of this act, as he is a professional tattooist. So next time you’re thinking that getting a tattoo is one of those crazy things done for love unless it’s on the face, it’s not worth the try!

  1. Man writes I love you using cow manure

When you thought things couldn’t get more insane than that, we wish to present to you another case. You know about those husbands who couldn’t care less about their wives’ birthdays and anniversaries? However, farmer Dick Kleis wanted to attain the superlative when it comes to crappy presents.

What he did was gather 123,000 pounds of cow manure. He used it to write Hap Bday Luv U. And the awkward thing is that his wife actually loved the gift. No wonder they have found each other.

  1. Man and woman have a brown bear act as ring bearer

Nelya and Nelson, from Moscow, had a lovely outdoor ceremony. The event got even more special as the two newlyweds chose an actual brown bear to act as ring bearer. The couple thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Imagine what they would do if they god a divorce – we don’t want to know.

  1. Man stalks girl he sees on a subway in the name of love

This is one of those classic, insane things done in the name of love. So this guy – Patrick Moberg saw a girl on a subway, and he fell for her. Ever heard of love at first sight? Nonetheless, he didn’t have the guts to talk to her, so he set up a website –

The surprise was that the girl he has set his eyes on actually contacted him and they were involved for a while. Still, the thing ended since it was too intense. What did she expect?

  1. Hitman falls in love with his target

What does a woman do when she finds that her husband is cheating? Hire a hitman – what else did you think? At least that’s what Maria Nilza Simons did in the name of love. She hired someone to kill the other woman. Still, the surprising thing is that the hitman knew the target since childhood, and he faked his death. Nonetheless, he didn’t have the guts to be upfront about it.

So he faked her death covering the woman in ketchup so that Maria would be pleased. What happened next was that the three met, and Maria thought that it was the time of calling the police. As it is expected, this didn’t make her look good, so she was charged. If only you’d stayed quiet, Maria.

  1. Astronaut steals a moon rock

Aspiring astronaut Thad Roberts thought of no better way of showing his love to his dear one than by stealing a $21 million moon rock from NASA. We could say that Thad doesn’t settle for lousy gifts. Of course, he was caught and sentenced. Nonetheless, a novel was written based on this story, namely Sex on the Moon. So at least it wasn’t all for nothing.

  1. Radiologist steals a corpse

We think that this case definitely fits in the category of most insane things done in the name of love. Radiologist Carl Tanzler met a young woman who had tuberculosis. Irrespective of his efforts of saving her, she passed away in 1931. Nonetheless, this only spur Car’s obsession even further. He stole her corpse saying that her spirit advised him to do so.

  1. Man robs Waffle house to help his woman out

This happened in 2013. Marquis Baldwin, who lives in Florida thought he would help his loved one get out of financial difficulty. So what do you think he did? The best he could think of, apparently. He took his gun and rubbed three Waffle House restaurants. Unfortunately, the police couldn’t care less that he did it in the sweet name of love.

  1. Woman sends her tattoo to ex-boyfriend

Torz Reynolds wasn’t very happy when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, especially since she tattooed her name on herself. Is there a better way of traumatizing someone than by sending him a tattoo (skin included) with his name, in a jar? Insane!

  1. Woman cries about love on Youtube

And lastly, Kelly Summers is the woman who considered that she should share her breakup stories on Youtube so that she would get over it. Curiously, the one who left her – Keith Tallis started following her account. The stories shared on the channel made him realize that he loved her and they got together again.

So, these are definitely some of the craziest things done in the name of love. Perhaps you know other cases that are equal in craziness or you have your own personal story to share: do let us know!

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