5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Buying Your Dream Car Right Now

All drivers who just got their driving license or intend to get it have a dream car. They cannot wait to drive around the city in an expensive vehicle that turns people’s heads or brag to everyone about how cool their car is. Whether you’ve been saving money, or you just wanted to buy the dream car as soon as you were legally able to drive, you might want to rethink this. The excitement runs high, but perhaps you should keep your dream car for later.
“Why not buy my dream car now?” you may ask. Well, here are some good reasons that will make you rethink this decision.

  1. The Hype Will Die Down
    When you really want to have something, you’re happy only with the thought of having it. So, as soon as you have enough money for it, you may make an impulsive purchase to ensure you get that vehicle as soon as possible.
    Now, sure, for the next few weeks, you’ll be the king of the road, and your wide smile from the driver’s seat will not go unnoticed. But after some weeks, the hype will die down. You’ll still be happy for sure, but not as excited as you were at first. And who knows, maybe after getting used to it, you may even find some issues with the car.
    It’s always best to get used to a cheaper car first, and only buy your dream one later.
  2. High Maintenance Costs
    Let’s be honest, a dream car is not that cheap, awful-looking car in the parking lot that sits unused for months. It’s most likely an expensive one, the type you often see in Hollywood movies. You’re not to blame for wanting one, but you’ll regret buying it right now given the maintenance costs, especially if you are not financially stable. The insurance will be very pricey and added with the annual fluids, brake pads, new clutch, and oil change, the amount will be atrocious.
  3. A Less Amazing Car Might Teach You Something
    Before you jump straight into buying your dream car, you should learn how to drive properly and gain some experience. A car that is not that cool might not impress the locals, but it will teach you valuable lessons for the future when you’ll eventually buy your dream vehicle.
  4. Depreciation
    Your dream car might be very expensive at the moment, but the next year the price will be lower, and it will decrease year after year. Thus, you’d have to save a lot of money to keep your net worth even. You should ask yourself if this is worth it.
  5. Hidden Fees
    There may be some hidden fees that will apply when you get a car, and you should be aware of them. California is one of the places where people love buying cars thanks to the big network. So, there might be hidden fees such as sales tax, finance charges, registration fee, documentation fee, leasing charges, and service plans. If you want to have the car transported to you, a delivery or destination cost will apply too, and you may also have to pay for extra protection.
    Final Thoughts
    Buying your dream car may be an exciting thought, but it’s best to save it for later. Who knows, you may have another dream car in the future when you’ll be more experienced and with a higher income, as well.

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