How Do You Pair Your Clothing and Accessories With Your Car?

Usually, people simply choose their outfits regardless of what they plan to do next, so to speak. Let’s take an example – you’re invited to a party and choose between a tuxedo or a casual look with brown jeans, a light blue shirt, and so on.
Of course, those outfits work for the purpose and theme of the evening – but do they work with your car? After all, your car will take you to the party, as well as get you back home (if you’re not drinking, of course).
On top of that, unless you happen to be driving a lemon, in which case you should contact a California lemon attorney as soon as possible, you should really have your car complement your clothing and accessories – including the other way around as well!

Driving Gloves are Still Trendy
First and foremost, let’s start with something that people often forget even exist – namely, gloves made especially for driving. The best part about this accessory is that, even though they come in only a few colors, they can be paired with almost any type of outfit and vehicle.
A pair of black, leather gloves fit with even the sportiest red car on the track. At the same time, a tan pair fits both dark and light outfits – and cars.

Driving Sunglasses are a Plus
When it comes to accessories, the easiest thing to pair with a car is a pair of sunglasses. For example, a sports car will obviously match well with a pair of aviator glasses, but would suit something slicker, smoother, and smaller – just like the exterior of such a car.
An SUV or S class vehicle, on the other hand, goes well with larger pairs of sunglasses, preferably with a black tint – or a tint that matches the color of your car. Still, given the variety in the design of sunglasses, you can easily find a unique combination that will make you stand out.

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at what your head should be adorned with, in accordance with the car that you’re driving.

  • Convertibles are highly versatile and can be paired with something as basic as a cap and usually, things look better with a flat, regular cap.
  • If the weather’s chilly and you’re driving a coupe, then a woolen scarf is almost mandatory for the addition of style.
  • For the ladies that drive open-top vehicles, scarves are the ideal choice when it’s warm outside. If it’s cold, headpieces are replaced with high-collar clothes or turtlenecks.

As mentioned above, torso clothing pieces are heavily influenced by weather and whether the vehicle has an open-top or not. Enclosed vehicles go well with any type of shirt or t-shirt that matches the exterior color of the car or its accents.
In the case of a leather interior, then you’ll most likely want to opt for a white or light blue shirt – you can never go wrong with those. However, don’t forget about sweaters and turtlenecks. In most cases, an extremely fancy interior fits a classy, black turtleneck.

It is believed that the watch should be the exact opposite of the car that you drive. As such, large vehicles with a strong body go well with slim, classy watches that are barely noticeable.
On the other hand, sports cars and coupes are often a great fit for watches that come with a bigger presence. That presence can be provided by large dials and bold or encrusted edges, depending on what you like to wear.

Many times, shoes are the first thing that people notice about you when you get out of your car. If not, in reality, that’s how it happens in the movies and we all know how satisfying is to see a pair of shoes that match the car behind them.
In terms of shoes, it is safe to say that any car except family based models go well with shiny office shoes. Here, we refer to both large cars (SUVs and such) and sports cars/coupes.
Family cars tend to fit better with casual footwear, while sneakers are often seen in sports cars.

How Do You Pair Yourself with Your Car?
Overall, if you want to pair yourself with your car, it’s important to pay attention to the colors. Of course, the clothing and accessories do matter, but they’re nothing without the right nuance, as mentioned earlier in the article.
While vehicles with vivid colors can be paired with almost any shade out there, gray, black, and white cars almost always beg for a white-and-black suit or even just a white t-shirt.

The Bottom Line
Overall, pairing your clothing and accessories to your car is fairly easy, even if you don’t have the fanciest vehicle around. Keep in mind that, in most cases, all your car needs to make you and your outfit stand out is a smooth layer of wax.
This way, both you and your carefully selected outfit will complement your car – as well as the other way around!

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