5 Recent Innovations in Vaping Technology

Everyone has a habit or a vice. Some like to smoke, some like to get their Joy Organics CBD oils, while others like to vape. People switched to vaping as a way to escape the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Smokers are always told how dangerous cigarettes are for their health, so they looked for an alternative.
Since so many individuals switched to vaping, the technology behind it has been continuously evolving. Over the past years, there have been various innovations, making vaping more fun to use. Here are five recent innovations in vaping technology.
1. Better Batteries
Isn’t it annoying when batteries drain too quickly? You start using the gadget, and in a few minutes, the battery drops to 50%. Older vaping devices had this issue. They wouldn’t hold a charge for too long, and it was getting really annoying for some people.
Fortunately, improvements have been made and batteries in vaping devices today are superior. They have more durable battery charges, and you can vape for a longer time. If you’re looking for a vaping device that will last you the whole day at work, or you like doing different tricks with the vape clouds, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can do these things without the battery draining in a few minutes.
2. Smartphone Integration
If someone told you in the past that you will be able to connect your vaping device to your smartphone, you’d think they were joking. Well, this is a thing now. Are you familiar with the way watches can be connected to smartphones? The connection between your phone and vaping device is somewhat similar.
Connecting the vaping device to the smartphone will provide you with several features. For example, you’ll be able to protect your devices from being stolen, and also make sure you track your vaping habits. It’s a great feature for people who need nicotine, and don’t know how to get the right amount without overdoing it. Luckily, this new technology will also let you know when you can refill your vape, so you don’t stress yourself with this small task.
3. Better Pod Systems
When it comes to vaping devices, a lot of users prefer the older, box mod systems. They were very popular in the past. They are very strong, and also create a lot of smoke, which can be cool for those who like doing tricks. But not everyone is into those models anymore. In fact, numerous people switched to pod systems, because they are smaller and more portable. Thanks to that, these devices can be used almost everywhere.
The pod system has also been improved not long ago. Some of these improved models have solved the airflow loss while making sure there is no leakage affecting the device. Thus, you can comfortably keep them around the mouth.
Even better, if you need to charge them, you can either do it at home, at work, or in your car. A USB port is all you need. It’s also possible to get a vaping device that charges really fast, so you can get the battery to full energy even if you’re in a hurry.
4. Better Vapor Clouds
Everyone loves intense vapor clouds when it comes to vaping, and improvements have been made in this regard as well. So, vapers have a reason to be happy. Thick clouds are the best, particularly for those who enjoy being near the smoke or doing tricks. Besides, everyone around you will notice you. The latest trend that allows this to happen is known as sub-ohm.
The demand for this is increasing, which is why more and more vaping device makers are considering it and making an effort to develop and improve their products. The new devices will have the ability to create the big, thick clouds that everyone is in love with.
5. Voice Activation
Voice activation is something integrated into many fields. Technology is so advanced that you can even have vaping systems with this feature. Vaping devices did not have this option in the past, but now you can benefit from it if you want. With voice activation, you can give commands to the device. In return, you can control the power wattage, lights, temperature, and more thanks to this feature.
However, this option is more common on box mods because they are larger. They also have more computer power, which is beneficial to voice activation.
The Bottom Line
As you can see, vaping technology is improving at the same rate as other technologies and gadgets. Numerous people prefer vaping because they consider it healthier than normal cigarettes and have turned to this alternative. As a result, improvements have been made to the device to make things more convenient for the users. And in the future, we might expect even more daring innovations.

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