CBD Marketing 101: Strategies for Sellers to Stand Out in a Sea of Green

Everybody knows what CBD is nowadays. Every two or three articles read online, you come across the term or an actual article about the substance itself. As such, it goes without saying that more and more people are deciding to make a business and a living out of this miraculous substance.

The downside, however, is the fact that we are now faced with a sea of green – a sea out of which we must pick our favorite product. You can see how the multitude of CBD businesses make things hard for both buyers and sellers, but mostly for sellers.

While opening a profitable CBD business is fairly easy, as proved by Joy Organics, being able to stand out in a sea of green is the difficult part. Here’s how to overcome it!

Always Fine-Tune Your SEO

As you might know, SEO is the bread and butter of every single business nowadays. If your business doesn’t have a website onto which you can apply SEO strategies (or at least a Google My Business listing), then it pretty much doesn’t exist for the wider audience.

Naturally, things get particularly hard when it comes to CBD. It is a simple keyword that’s being used by a lot of people – brands, corporations, health experts, bloggers, influencers, and so on.

But still, if you have an SEO professional by your side, they will always find a way to spice up your keyword use, so to speak, and keep your SEO ahead of the curve.

Create Content Continuously

Despite its popularity in the market, CBD has one major flaw – it is not medically accepted and, when advertised, one cannot say that it can be used for actual medical reasons.

Just like marijuana in most cases, CBD is also seen as a recreational drug. Due to these two facts, the content that’s currently online about CBD often says the same things over and over again – such as that it can be used to treat stress and anxiety.

People are pretty much sick of hearing that phrase. As such, if you handle a CBD business, creating new and exciting content is a must. If you really invest time and money into your content, you could even engage in case/social studies that would further improve the effectiveness and perception of this substance.

Affiliate Networking

Upon creation, the name of your brand can’t be found on any lips. As such, you must find the right way to start its external promotion – some choose influencers, bloggers, and so on, while others rely on affiliate networks.

Why? Because an affiliate marketer is more likely to dedicate time to selling your product than an influencer. Here, let’s keep in mind that fresh businesses might not want to waste their budget on random influencers.

Business managers that want to put their money where their mouth is will often choose affiliate marketers over bloggers and such – unless the latter has quite a heavy weight in the industry, so to speak. 

Influencer Marketing

Obviously, despite the above-mentioned pitfalls, influencer marketing is still a great way to promote both your products and your brand. Since the influencer industry is seemingly ever-growing, you could even rely on smaller influencers that have the potential to get really big while promoting a single product (yours). 

This is because well-known influencers usually promote multiple brands at the same time, an aspect that could hurt your image in the long run, depending on which brand pays more. 

Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing – databases and lists, and so on – are still a thing. In fact, they’re not only a thing but one of the major driving forces when it comes to the increase of online sales.

Why should you use email marketing? Well, simply because it can provide you with customers from throughout the world, regardless of your main target group. A coupon or gift card sent to your current list of subscribers has the chance of further increasing your email database, as gifts often get passed along. 

Trade Shows

Yes, the CBD industry does have trade shows that you can attend and use to promote your brand. While they might not be very active during the pandemic, you should definitely keep them in mind for when the restrictions start to relax.

Even though the majority of CBD products are ordered and sold online, it doesn’t mean that the physical world lacks the things required to make CBD as popular as skateboarding, right?

The Bottom Line

In the end, if you consider growing your CBD business, you should not give up on it easily. The potential of this particular substance is, as many people have said, gigantic. This industry was already experiencing massive growth before the pandemic – naturally, COVID-19 came with stress and anxiety that made the CBD sector simply go boom!

Of course, it’s also essential to keep your head above the clouds – never try to move on with your business without a proper marketing strategy in place!

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