Starting a CBD Business in 2022: CBD Industry Niches

As some of you might already know, CBD is currently a booming industry – from all points of view. At the moment, if you do anything that’s even closely related to CBD, you’ll gain a following in no time.

One of the main reasons for that could be the fact that people got more and more anxious during the pandemic and CBD is one of the few 100% natural products that can prevent both stress and anxiety build-up .

In other words, if you’re an entrepreneur or even an individual who’s interested in CBD, now’s the time to test the luck of this industry. Here are some of the CBD industry niches that might spark your interest!

CBD Manufacturer

Obviously, the very first idea related to CBD is manufacturing and/or distributing it. However, this is not an easy thing to do or achieve. If you click here for more info, you’ll see that manufacturers/distributors need many various certifications for the products that they intend to sell.

Naturally, even though it’s a difficult task, manufacturing is one of the (if not the most) rewarding niches of the CBD industry. One brilliant marketing campaign and your company could be at the top of the CBD food chain.

CBD Blogger

Every new product on the market has to be backed by various sources of evidence, knowledge and information found within online or academic environments. This is where CBD bloggers come into play.

They can be either important resources in the industry, CBD advocates, or promoters of various CBD brands. It goes without saying that one of their main purposes is to make CBD as popular as possible through various advertising techniques and the general information displayed on their blog.

Just as with the previous niche, it’s not easy to grow in this one either. Since CBD is still a taboo topic, CBD bloggers need accurate information before giving any advice to potential CBD users.

CBD Influencer

Unlike a blogger, influencers spend most of their time on social media, promoting various brands with visual and audio content.  Because they are promoting on a personal level, they don’t need to know too many scientific details about CBD and its peculiarities.

However, they must have great marketing skills and pretty much create campaigns within every single post they make. Believe it or not, being an influencer – even for CBD – can be more difficult than one imagines. 

For example, the growth process – even the first 1,000 followers – is slow and incredibly stressful, to say the least!

CBD Retailer

Manufacturers produce CBD products and have to make sure that they respect the laws and regulations in place. On the other hand, all that retailers have to do is purchase the products, check their certificates, and sell them for profit.

Just as with bloggers and influencers, being a retailer is not easy. Some would think that all retailers do is buy a product for its base price, increase said base price, and then sell it for a quick profit. The majority of people don’t realize that a lot of marketing, sales strategies and planning is involved in the entire retail process as well. 

Still, being a CBD retailer is a great way to tackle this niche as it gives you the opportunity to grow a brand that could make use of both bloggers and influencers – thus even further increasing the popularity of CBD for all.

CBD Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping of CBD products gets included in our list mainly because it is now legal in Europe and in the US. Therefore, you can help people that have a difficult time getting their hands on CBD products receive them by mail, without a single worry.

On top of that, drop-shipping is also known as the easiest way to make money at the moment. You need just a dash of will and some technical information to set everything up and you’re ready to go. 

In fact, successful drop-shipping strategies can eventually have you doing literally nothing while your business grows and develops.

CBD for Pets

Believe it or not, CBD is getting more and more popular when it comes to the advantages that it has for pets. Just like with us humans, CBD can help pets get rid of anxiety and aid a couple of other serious issues as well. 

As such, it’s clear that pet owners would love the idea of a shop selling CBD pet tinctures to make an appearance in their neighborhood. But keep in mind that it’s still a sensitive topic and not everyone may agree with CBD being given to pets, for the time being at least.

The Bottom Line

In the end, don’t think that interacting with one of the CBD industry niches and being successful in it is an easy task. One needs quite a serious amount of knowledge, innovation, as well as entrepreneurship in order to secure a place in this industry that seems to be continuously booming and growing.

Nevertheless, these were the niches that are not only the most profitable but also the most accessible. If you have the knowledge or will, you could become a CBD blogger or influencer right now!

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