The Cons of Waiting for the Perfect Partner

We are living in a period where the number of couples getting divorced or break up is increasingly high.

The reason is that most of the people usually refuse to date and see what’s out there. Because of their lack of experience with other people, they will find out that this “perfect partner,” if they get one, is flawed in many ways. They will feel either betrayed, shocked; they will question their life decisions, drama occurs, break-up and divorce happen.

Instead of trying to find someone decent, they hold all their energy and the best of them for the perfect partner. They will only date people who can check every box on their list of requirements. It may sound good if the ideal partner existed, or we lived in a utopia, but none of them apply to our reality.

Here are some cons of waiting for the perfect partner:

1. If you are looking for a partner that he or she is famous, has a lot of money, looks good and has a cute personality, chances are you might be fooling yourself.

Let’s say that you want a relationship with an actor that you think he represents everything you deem as perfect. Well, that actor is perfect whenever he is on television. He is paid to be “perfect” and not only that; he is an actor, he can fool almost anyone.

If you were to be in a relation with said actor, you would find out that he is like nearly every other person out there, and he is also flawed. Because of his luxury life, he might never be the best or even a good partner or parent, and he might struggle even with the simplest of tasks. Money and maids usually handle most of their problems.

At one point you will see this and be disappointed. You will think that your relationship is a lie and a break-up may occur anytime. Instead of making the best out of it, of taking the person how he is, you take his image as an actor and place it over his real face, when you instead remain a simple, flawed person. Fame and luxury don’t mix well with a simple life, in most cases.

2. What if the perfect partner will never show up? We all like stories where the prince and the princess always get together forming the perfect couple, but in reality, it never actually happens.

You will probably spend the last half of your life, alone with a couple of cats. But the reality is much more depressing. Your friends will have families by now; they will be much happier than you and life will offer more to them than it ever did for you.

Even the person who came close to being your ideal partner or perfect partner that you refused, lives now a better life. You will regret your past decisions, but now it’s too late.

So not to feel bad about yourself you will try to lower the bar of requirements and try dating. But as time passed, your body and your mind got older, your chances of getting even a partner are diminished. Not only that, but you will have to settle for someone of the same age if he or she accepts to be your partner.

So think twice about the idea of having a perfect partner.

3. The ideal partner will probably refuse you. That’s right, he or she might be the “perfect” one, and they will probably say no to your advances.

He or she knows that they are good looking, have a better life, a good financial status and other things that you lack. They can have any partner they wish, and they can get it easily.

The thing is that if you are waiting for the perfect partner and he shows up, he might refuse you because you are not perfect. He or she is out of your league.

People usually think of the perfect partner as someone who not only compensates what simple people lack but offers more. The ideal partner is not just somebody that is the best at being a lover but also improves the individual’s life on every possible level. At least that’s what someone who waits for the perfect partner thinks.

This can only mean one thing. Do not wait for the perfect partner. Just improve yourself and your life. Start dating people who you deserve and won’t judge you for who you are. You are not perfect therefore you are not meant to have a perfect partner.

For all the waiting you’ve done, you will get refused, and it will probably destroy your remaining years. If you value your sanity and your early years as a young adult, don’t fool yourself with the concept of waiting for the perfect partner.

4. You are not forced to go on a dating spree, but the more you wait for that special someone, the more you will understand that he doesn’t exist.

When you finally realize that he doesn’t exist, you will try to find someone who might be a reasonable partner. Suddenly, you feel as if you don’t have the courage to talk to the person you are attracted to. You can’t control your heartbeats, you are sweating, you cannot hold a proper conversation, and you can’t even concentrate on what you want to say or do.

Because you waited so long for that particular person and you denied and avoided either socializing with possible partners, you developed a form of anxiety. You start questioning whether you look clean, if your breath smells, if you said something stupid, you can’t even concentrate on keeping a proper eye contact.


So these are some of the cons of waiting for the perfect partner. Try to avoid this concept if you value yourself. And don’t worry, we only scratched the surface regarding cons for waiting for the perfect someone.

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