21 Things to Do When You Get Bored In Your Relationship

Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

A relationship has two stages: the first few months of bliss where everything is sugar, hearts, and unicorns guiding you on the rainbow of love. During that stage, everything is perfect; you never get tired of each other, every day is an adventure, and it feels like this will go on forever.

After a while, monotony is going to settle in. Even with all the sexy time that you may have during the night, even that will feel boring. There’s no kink to anything anymore. Before you know it, you’re fighting most of the time and trying to figure out excuses to break out because they feel bored. So how to spice up your relationship once you have already reached this stage?

What’s the Good News?

Why are you bored in your relationship? This question has been going around for as long as dating became a thing. The answer is very simple: We get bored because every day is the same routine and you feel as if you are no longer doing anything exciting together,

You’re not the only person going through this. Relationship ruts are so common that it becomes weird if you’re not going through them. People that live happily ever after are such a myth, that we are starting to wonder if they are real.

In truth, things are actually like this: you live happily ever after, you get bored of the happily ever after, you try to liven up the happily ever after and then you live happily ever after again. It’s a cycle. What’s most important is to find the right things to renew the passion.

What to Do When You Get Bored In Your Relationship?

We’ve heard you, and now we’re coming with help. Here are some tips for bored couples that will definitely renew the spark or at least feel like you are actually getting somewhere together:

  1. Binge-watch a TV show

We’re pretty sure this wasn’t the first thing you thought about when you looked up how to spice up your marriage; however, binge-watching a really awesome TV series can become really romantic. If you feel that you are growing bored and further apart, then a TV series can be the medium to bring you back together.

You can watch something mushy and romantic such as Once Upon a Time, or you can go for something with a lot of drama such as Game of Thrones. You’ll laugh together and cry together while watching the series; now, who wouldn’t that bring closer?

  1. Be a goofball

Being silly is the fastest way to spice up a boring bubble within a relationship. Make them laugh with the dumbest things you can think about – even if it means a tickling match until one of you meets the floor.

And for this, everything is fair game. Buy some strange-looking glasses twice the size of your head. Tell some good jokes. If you spend your time clowning around, both you and your partner will be way too busy laughing to feel bored in any way.

  1. Cook together

Meeting in the kitchen like this will have three possible endings: you’ll either want to kiss them for being such a good cook, strangle them for being such a horrible cook – or drop it halfway because “that apron looks so sexy on you” – and you know where that would lead next. Leaving sexy time aside, cooking together could actually bring you closer and feel less bored – even if it’s because you “accidentally” dropped a handful of flower over you significant other’s face.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone

Do you always go to the movies during your dates, or simply hang out in a pub with a beer in front of you as you chat away your evening? Here’s a though; instead of going to watch a comedy, switch it for a horror movie. Or go to a place you’ll never have thought you’d ever visit. Doing something you both aren’t accustomed to will give you something to talk about – and it will obviously not allow you to feel bored.

  1. Role play

Chances are, after a while, even the sex is getting boring – so you might want to spice it up a bit. We’re not telling you to bring out the whip and the cuffs (although if that’s your kink, you are free too). Do your pretend-game in your own way; change the routine. Bring some sexy lingerie. Give each other something to look at.

  1. Be creatively expressive

When thinking about things to do when you get bored in a relationship, people never think that this boredom is because, at some point, they stopped trying to figure out ways to express their love. So instead of saying “I love you,” try writing them love letters every now and then. It doesn’t matter if you’re mailing it or leaving it next to an untouched pizza box; they’ll be so touched, they forgot they are bored.

  1. Play games

“Dear husband. I’m hidden somewhere in a house, holding a water gun and lying in wait. If you don’t want to be the only one soaked to the skin, grab this water gun next to my note and come look for me.” Now, who would be bored at the prospect of a hide and seek game with water guns that will get you dripping? Such sudden games will surely get your blood rushing, and you won’t have a chance to get bored.

  1. Go on your first date… a second time

Remember that first date you both went to when you were so giddy and nervous and weren’t exactly sure what to say so that you won’t botch the entire thing? Well, do it again! It will send you on a memory journey so deep, you’ll remember once more how your relationship felt like before you had the chance to get bored.

  1. Never skip a date night

The first time you skip a date night is like a domino; once you skip it the first time, you are bound to skip it the second and third time as well. To avoid being bored in your relationship, make sure that date night is always there – at least once or twice a week.

  1. Always do something unique on date night

This is just as important as the previous one. If you do hold on to date night, but you keep doing the same thing on and on, you’re bound to become bored to death at some point. So if one night you take her to the movies, the other night you will take her paint-balling. This is how to spice up your relationship.

  1. Do something extreme together

Have you ever gone bungee jumping or skydiving? Alone, sure, you probably went.  Together, on the other hand, it is not likely; not if you aren’t both passionate about the sport. Take some time, take your spouse by the hand and throw her off the plane – while making sure her parachute works. You’ll be so excited talking about this experience that you’ll forget you were ever bored.

  1. Go on a hike

Are you the kind of couple to stay indoors all the time, your idea of a date going around the idea of Netflix and chill? While the chill part doesn’t sound half bad, it will make things more interesting if you are in a lamp-lit tent in a mountain clearing. Make each hike a different path; if you are wondering why are you bored in your relationship, it’s because you followed the same paths on and on.

  1. Go back to the basics

At this point, you may want to look back on your relationship and look for a time when you weren’t bored. What were you doing then that you aren’t doing now? What brought you guys together in the first place that managed to keep you busy? Try doing some activities again together; it may bring you together and reignite that spark.

  • Go on a staycation

Let’s say you married the love of your life and you entered a horrible monotony where you can’t even find a moment to step away from the kids for a couple of minutes. How to spice up your marriage without having to spend lots of money on a faraway holiday? Obviously, you go on a staycation; in other words, you rent a hotel room for the night somewhere close to you, and you just enjoy some quality time together. It will make you feel as if you just went on a holiday together. This is also very convenient if your married life revolves around a little toddler that won’t even let you go to the bathroom without wanting your attention. Speaking of, if you want some tips for bored couples, here’s an extreme one:

  1. Have a baby

Neither you nor your spouse will have time to get bored if you have a baby on board. You’ll always be both so busy with it that boredom will look like a dream come true. Plus, imagine the fun when you see daddy changing the baby’s diapers for the first time after it dropped a beautiful, aromatic “bomb.” Those mom-dad-baby moments are priceless and are priceless and are guaranteed to bring some light in your relationship.

  • Find a common hobby

She likes make-up. You like drawing. How about you meet halfway and go to a glazing course together? Learn how to decorate cakes to your liking. This way, you may even be able to bake your own wedding cake.

  1. Solve a puzzle together

Remember that 1000-piece puzzle lying on the highest shelf that you were afraid of touching because it looks terrifyingly difficult? Well, aside from the fact that you’ll be spending long hours together trying to crack this puzzle, you’ll also keep your mind active throughout the entire time. Plus, once that puzzle is done, you can frame it and keep it as a memory of your time together.

  • Start a band

If she has a good voice and you are pretty decent at playing the guitar, you may want to take this opportunity and play together. You don’t need to play in front of the public; you can simply play for each other. Music has always had the knack of bringing people closer, and you’ll never see a person getting bored while listening to music. So what to do when you get bored in your relationship? Simple: you write new lyrics to each other every day.

  • Plan a clothes-swapping weekend

If you feel as if boredom is eating at you alive in your relationship, make them pay and dress them in your clothes. While this may be way funnier for the girls (seriously, who wouldn’t die laughing seeing their guys in high heels), it will also be funny for the guys. Arm yourself with a camera and take some pictures that will have you laughing for years.

  1. Let her give you a haircut

There’s no better definition of love than letting her come near your hair with scissors in her hands – and with you  having only a 50% belief that the result will be decent. You’ll either want to laugh or cry at the end; either way, it won’t be boring.

  1. Take it on the road

The most important thing to remember is that you need to keep it moving. Don’t let it fall into monotony because once that happens, the end is never far away. Do something cool together every day: visit a museum or go on a road trip to a place you’ve never visited before. The idea is to keep things moving.

Final Thoughts

Boredom is normal, and we need to accept it. It’s okay to be bored every now and then – but we also need to mix it with something interesting. Find things to do when you get bored in your relationship and spice things up. Once you found the perfect balance between the two, you can be certain that you reached the peak of your relationship.

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