Literature – How to Write Better or Enjoy It More

If you are writing for a living and you are currently experiencing what is known as the writer or reader’s creative blockage or you are an avid literature reader and you want to learn how to better enjoy it, then this article is for you.

Try New Topics

The first and most important thing you want to do to better enjoy writing or reading literature is to try as many new topics or genres as possible. While you might think that you have found the perfect genre for you to write or read about, literature is so vast and there are so many more topics available, just waiting to be discovered. Explore classical works, contemporary ones, good and bad, with a happy or with a sad ending, romance or thrillers, books where mothers are the protagonists, and any other trope you can possibly think of. Do not be afraid to try out as many genres as possible. You might discover that you like certain topics that you did not even know existed before. 

Do Not be Afraid to Quit

Are you finding yourself having difficulties finishing the writing of that book that you have been working hard on for the last year? Is the book you are currently reading boring but you feel that since you have already read half of it, you might as well struggle through and finish it? If there is one thing that literature can teach us it is that admitting defeat and quitting a book is ok. Just like with everything else in life, giving up on something that no longer sparks joy or brings you happiness is a blessing. There are so many intriguing topics you could be writing about and so many great books that you could be reading. This is why it is pretty obvious that you should ditch the ones holding you back from truly enjoying the process of writing and reading literature.

Use All Your Senses

Just like with every form of art, literature should be enjoyed while using all of your five senses. As a writer, it is your responsibility to make your story as stimulating for the readers as possible. Use auditory and visual descriptions, incorporate smell, taste, or touch into your creations. At the same time, readers should take time going through these passages as well. How does a certain scene in the book you are reading make you feel? Do you feel like you can hear, see, smell, taste, or touch the words? Noticing and thoroughly going through these scenes can make the whole reading process more entertaining. To help make everything more real and stimulating, try lighting a candle, using some CBD oil from, playing some music, and just letting your mind run free. The same thing applies if you are trying to recreate these sensory experiences in written form and you do not know where to start. Use the above recipe and let the pen run freely on your piece of paper.

Finally, to enjoy writing and reading literature to its fullest, remember to always take a few moments to prepare yourself and to get into that reflective mindset. It will make all the difference.

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