Showers vs Baths – Advantages and Disadvantages

After the famous should you shower at night or in the morning debate, another war takes place in the bathroom: shower or bath, the advantages, and disadvantages. Do you feel intrigued yet? Do you have an opinion? If yes, then keep on reading!

It should go without saying that when it comes to efficiency, showers are the clear winner. The even distribution of the water helps the soap to break down all the dirt and the oils on your body, and the constant flow of water encourages a quick, time-saving wash are two arguments that put showers ahead when it comes to cleaning and efficiency. However, cleanliness is not the only aspect that will be taken into consideration here. 

  1. Convenience

Showers can take just a few minutes to get you all cleaned up. Their purpose is to be fast. Baths on the other hand are anything but convenient. The time spent to undress, take a shower, and get dressed up again is less than what you would spend just to fill your tub with water.

  1. Relaxation

While some people might find it relaxing to just stand in the shower under hot water without doing anything, most people prefer baths over showers in terms of relaxation. You can fill your bathtub with bubbly water, you can add in essential oils or Joy’s CBD bath bombs, or even flower petals. For a more sophisticated experience, candles can be lit and wine or champagne can be sipped while laying in there in utter relaxation. 

  1. Consumption

This one depends on everyone’s preferences. Generally, showers will consume less water than baths do. At the same time, some people will still take longer showers where a similar water quantity as a bath will be used. Some of the most notable bathroom trends include, among many facilities, using eco-friendly showerheads or water-saving fixtures to help solve this water consumption problem.

4. Health

When it comes to your health, both showers and baths are reputable candidates. Cold showers can help improve blood circulation, reduce tension, relax sore muscles, and can get rid of headaches. At the same time, hot baths are great for treating skin conditions, improving sleep quality, can help improve your breathing and your blood pressure, as well as reducing hemorrhoid pain. 

On the other hand, long baths can be bad for your body’s health as they can strip your body of its natural oils. These oils are meant to protect your body but the prolonged exposure to hot water strips these oils from your skin. Furthermore, they can also affect your body’s pH level. At the same time having to stand while taking a shower, unless you have a shower stool, can make it difficult for people with certain health conditions to shower for a longer period of time.

Finally, the bath versus shower dispute continues to create discussions and remains a topic of great interest, with both having reputable advantages as well as some disadvantages. Are you team bath or team shower? Let us know what you think.

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