How to Make the Most of Your Relationship When You Both Work from Home

making the most of your relationship when working from home

Working from home is undoubtedly linked to a lot of advantages. One of the most obvious benefits is, of course, the fact that you enjoy flexibility, to some extent, of course. There are times when you can create your own schedule, and organize your time as you want, which accounts for a major plus point.

Nonetheless, when you and your partner are constantly inside the same house, some difficulties might, (inevitably will) emerge. It’s human nature. Still, challenges should always be surpassed, as opposed to being conveyed as obstacles, are you with me? Let’s take a look at some tips on how to make the most out for your relationship when you both work from home. You know that saying – when there’s a will there’s a way? You’ll test that for yourself.

  • Establish separate working spaces

Make the Most of Your Relationship When Working from Home


Albeit working from home means that you enjoy working in a less rigid space than the typical workplace, the main drawback is that you get distracted, a lot. And when you and your partner both work from home, you might get distracted thrice as much.

However, in order to be as productive as possible, and get your assignments done in a time efficient manner, it’s important to establish a set of ground rules if you like or delineate separate working spaces. Ideally, you should work in different rooms. In this way, you won’t be distracted to chit chat, which will prevent you from actually working.

  • Divide working space from living space

If you’re thinking that working from home means working in bed in your pajamas, you’d better think again. Although you both work from home, that doesn’t mean you should be all over the place the entire day. Even though it may seem romantic and like a dreamy idea, it is not a long term solution for the very least.

Hence, try to separate your working space from your living area. Once you are both finished working, you can take the time and actually be with each other. You’ll appreciate those moments much more; believe me, as opposed to bumping into each other every minute of the day.

  • Make time for each other

Working from home comes with a major trap, which is assuming that, if you’re both at home the entire day, you don’t have to plan anything special, or make time for each other. We’re always together, what should we make time for? This thinking pattern is wrong. When you fail to prioritize your relationship, assuming that everything will work smoothly by itself, you’re on a wrong path.

The time you and your partner spend with each other is the glue that will make your relationship last, in the long run. Hence, if you wish to make it work, prioritize. In other words, you should establish regular dates and outings. Additionally, when you are on a date, please leave your phone/laptop aside. Enjoying some quality, smartphone-free time is highly recommended.

  • Respect your differences

Remote working means that you can embrace your own working style. For instance, some people are highly productive while listening to loud music, while other prefer sitting in dead silence. No way is better than the other, but it’s just the way it is. Each of us has different needs, and we have to embrace our similarities and differences alike.

For instance, what if you like to chit chat while working, and your partner, on the other hand, is plain serious while doing his/her assignments? Failing to respect each other’s differences may lead to numerous conflicts. Thereupon, there’s one way to avoid them, by recognizing these distinctions. That is why I advise you to delineate different working spaces. In this way, you’ll cherish the time you spend after work much more.

  • Be aware of each other’s needs

If you’re an outgoing person, and your partner is an introvert, or the other way around, it means you’re facing a lot of challenges. Don’t worry; they can be dealt with. For instance, some people working from home enjoy going out regularly, since it can get tiresome and exhausting spending a lot of time indoors. Others, however, prefer the solitude and don’t like hanging out with larger groups, or engage in activities that involve a lot of people. What is the solution if you have different needs and interests?

It’s 100 percent normal to have distinct needs. All you have to do to make it work is to be aware of your distinctions, embrace and respect them. I know it’s easier said than done. Nonetheless, the right approach can do miracles. Instead of allowing your relationship to reach a point in which you want to take it out on each other, concentrate on meeting each other’s needs.

If you enjoy being out, as working remote is too isolating, go to a café, a library, or any other place that appeals to you. However, if your partner goes stir crazy after spending too much time in the house, suggest him/her to do this. At the end of the day, it’s all about the way in which you manage to deal with your differences.

  • Encourage one another

Just like any other job, working remote is challenging, and you often feel as if you’d prefer doing pretty much anything but work. In these situations, you should rely on your partner. Make sure you encourage one another, in this way, preventing procrastination from settling in. However, there are also the types of people who work too much and tire themselves until they can no longer deal with the abundance of tasks they have taken on. In this situation, it’s up to you to take the lead and encourage your partner to take a break.

All in all, extremities aren’t beneficial in any way and working from home means finding a healthy balance, which can work as a long-term situation for your happiness. And remember, spending time together doesn’t mean being in the same room, it means placing all your attention on your partner, and being there 100 percent.

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