Top 10 “Most Wanted” Couples in the World

Most Wanted Couples in the World

You’ve heard of them before. Couples that did crimes together seem to be a popular topic among fans of “Most Evil” and “Wicked Attraction.” The fact that killers have little to no empathy towards their victims yet they feel love for their partners in crime makes the whole thing an interesting subject.

In this article, we will discuss criminal couples, the top 10 most wanted couples in the United States and Europe. Let’s see what love can bring us:

  1. Bonnie and Clyde:

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow was a criminal couple during the Great Depression. They were robbing and killing people if they were confronted. Of course, they didn’t go alone; they had a gang consisting of family members and friends.

They are mostly known for their bank robberies though they preferred to rob gas stations or small stores. It is believed that Bonnie and Clyde managed to kill at least nine police officers and several civilians during their burglaries. In 1935, the couple was ambushed by police officers and killed.

  1. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun:

This pair is a little bit unique. While Hitler is the main attraction here and he was one of the most wanted persons in history, Eva Braun decided to marry him in the last hours before Germany’s defeat.

Even Hitler’s colleagues despised her. She attempted suicide two times when she started her relationship with Hitler. Even so, tragic or ridiculous, because she was Hitler’s lover and then wife, she was considered wanted back in WWII. This couple would surely be hunted down if it hadn’t committed suicide.

  1. Nicolae Ceausescu and Elena Ceausescu:

Nicolae Ceausescu was the general secretary of the Romanian Communist party and head of state. So how him and Elena, became one of the most wanted couples? It all had to do with his brutal way of leading Romania.

He controlled the mass media in a strict manner and had a secret police called Securitate, which used brutal methods to control the population. Because of Romania’s massive foreign debt, Ceausescu decided to export most of the country’s products.

That led to shortages of fuel, energy, medicine and even food. Some say that his cronies were behind every decision. Other historians say that his wife, Elena, influenced his decisions. In any case, the couple was hunted by armed forces and executed by a firing squad.

  1. James Carson and Suzan:

This couple became one of America’s most wanted couples. Here is why: they took a lot of drugs, they converted to Islam, moved to a marijuana farm and started killing people who had an “evil energy.” Everything that they did is illegal in the United States; they basically had the royal flush of crimes.

They murdered their roommate by beating her with a frying pan and stabbing her nearly a dozen times. They also wanted to kill some acquaintances and some celebrities. They were caught and were given life sentences in prison.

  1. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley:

This couple started dating in 1960. Ian would give Myra books by Hitler and taught her about his radical philosophies. She began to emulate Aryan ideals and also dyed her hair blonde. Between 1963 and 1965 the couple kidnapped five children who were tortured sexually and then savagely murdered.

This couple was turned into the police by Hindley’s brother in law and sister. The couple was sentenced to life in prison, and they were later found to be criminally insane.

  1. Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez:

After learning voodoo and the occult in prison, Raymond Fernandez decided to use his new skills to gain control over women. His plan was to attract women, gain their trust and then rob them. Everything went as planned until the next woman was Martha Beck, who came to him with two kids.

Fernandez said to her that she could stay only if she gets rid of her kids. She did so by abandoning them at the Salvation Army. Fernandez thought it was a sign of devotion and was deeply impressed by her actions. The couple started robbing other women, but Beck began to get jealous of Fernandez sleeping with other women.

She started attacking the women, and after a period they started killing them. The neighbors got suspicious, called the cops and caught the couple. They were executed for killing more than twenty people.

  1. Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate:

This couple began its crimes by shooting Fugate’s stepfather and mother over a dispute and strangled half-sister’s toddler. The couple went on a sixty day trip of robbing and killing eleven people. When they were caught, they received the death penalty.

  1. Gerard Gallego and Charlene:

This couple had a devious sexual appetite and Gerard, being the dominating partner convinced Charlene to have “young, disposable sex slaves.” They eventually raped and murdered nine women, out of which one was pregnant. The couple was arrested, Charlene pleaded guilty but testified against Gerard.

She was sentenced to 16 years in prison, while Gerard was given the death penalty. He died in prison due to rectal cancer.

  1. Fred and Rosemary West:

This couple killed nine women. One of the victims was one of their daughters, daughters that Fred would frequently sexually abuse. Fred also let her wife sleep with her father. He also encouraged that her to become a prostitute. Both of them received life in prison, but Fred committed suicide by hanging himself.

  1. Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka:

After their wedding, Karla gave Paul her fifteen-year-old sister as a gift. The thing that probably made Paul accept this gift is because the girl was a virgin while Karla wasn’t, which bothered him. They started raping her while videotaping the whole scene. The girl eventually choked on her vomit and died.

The couple continued raping and killing young girls until Karla decided to tell the police everything, being fed up with her abusive husband.


Love might be blind, but these couples surely needed to take it down a notch. If you want to know more about criminal couples we recommend Discovery’s “Wicked Attraction.”

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