Top 7 Weird Things That Couples Do That Are Totally Normal

Top Weird Things Couples Do

When couples first get together, everything needs to be perfect. Obviously, they will share hopes, dreams, and feelings – but they will feel so on edge when they are with other that they barely do anything that remotely sounds “weird.” God forbid that you need to poop when you are at their home – because that would be totally weird! (Not)

Thankfully, once they get comfortable with each other, they can finally drop their guard and act like the humans that they are. They become so close that they start developing habits that may sound weird – but in fact are not. Here are some very normal “weird” things that all couples do at some point:

  1. Play pranks on each other

Common logic, romance novels, and social media say that you have to be very nice with your significant other – and not, for instance, stick your shaving wax on their hairy chest. However, practically speaking, the truth is another. Sure when you are in a committed relationship, you want to see your significant other laugh and smile – but sometimes, you also want to hear them screaming in terror like a sissy. Life is boring if you only do the cute stuff, so bringing your significant other to the brink of a heart attack may just make your day.

2. You go into the shower together without having sex

We see this a lot in movies – and basically everywhere. The common belief is that no two people can stand in the shower naked without having sex. But some couples simply enjoy the magic of warm water together as they do the most basic of things: wash themselves.

  1. You pop each other’s pimples

Whether we like it or not, we’re all human – and sometimes, we may have that painful pimple on our back that we can’t pop ourselves. No matter how weird it may seem to you, this is all very normal among couples that are very comfortable with each other.

  1. You burp (and fart) in front of each other

During the first few weeks, you would have died in shame if you slipped a little burp or fart when you were with your significant other. Now you all but make a contest out of it. The one who makes the smelliest fart or loudest burp gets to choose the takeout menu!

  1. You finish each other’s sentence

Once you become familiar with someone, it’s obvious that you’ll know all of their habits and jokes. You’ll be able to predict a sentence before it even comes out of their mouth. This may look weird to your friends – but it’s extremely normal. After you’ve been with each other for a while, you’ll subconsciously know what they are thinking.

  1. Give each other weird pet names

Forget “baby,” “bae,” or “honey.” Weird pet names are special since they know for certain no one else will be calling their significant other that way. Plus, it’s a special name that only they can understand and appreciate. When they say it in private, it will be extremely normal; but be sure that if one of them used this pet name in public, a few eyebrows are going to be raised.

  1. You use the bathroom together

And not in a kinky way. One of you may have needed to use the toilet while the other one was taking a shower, or brushing their teeth. You’re no longer uncomfortable to sit on the toilet while your partner is taking a bubble bath; you just chat it away. This may seem weird to you, but it’s very normal among couples.

There are things that you just tend to find weird simply because you have an overly romanticized idea of relationships. However, playing childish pranks on each other or pulling each other’s fingers are very normal things to do at some point in a relationship. You can’t just make out all the time, can you?

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