Voyage, voyage – 5 Reasons Why Traveling as a Couple can Strengthen Your Relationship

Either it’s been a long time since you form a couple or you are still in your first year together, traveling is one of the best methods to consolidate your relationship and to keep the romance in bloom. A study effectuated by the famous US Travel Association confirms this fact which was already commonly known by the people based on their intuition.  The study underlines that the couples who chose to spend their free time visiting new places are more likely to be satisfied in their relationships, have an excellent level of communication and a more active sexual life then the ones who stay home during the holiday. Here is a list with the most important five reasons hidden behind this truth:

1. You observe each other at your best and your worst

Do you remember the renowned oath made by the bride and her groom at the church, in front of the altar? Well, almost certainly only the ones who have spent at least few days together far from home and  from comfortable situations can say “YES” whole-heartedly. Always the unfamiliar settings give you the opportunity to see in the whole splendor both the angel and the devil who live inside your partner’s body.

Thus, by traveling you can (re)discover what is most delightful and entertaining for your significant one, what calms him/her down and also what makes him/her go mad. In the same time, traveling have a major contribution to the rising of forgiving and accepting little defects capacity, as nobody can/ wants to feel tensed or alone while being surrounded by the wonderful landscape of a different region country.

If you manage to accept your lover even when he/she is passing through the most extreme states, surely none of the minor / major obstacles brought by the day by day life into your way will not be able to erode your relationship. The study mentioned above also says that Relationships last longer among couples who travel together, and divorce rates are higher among couples who do not travel together.”

Small tips for an easier passing of the traveling bad moments:

  • Before reproaching something or screaming at your partner, count to 20 in your mind. Then watch a picture of you two smiling. Helen Hays was totally right when she advised “When you travel with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee”.
  • Try to be empathetic. If your soul mate has a fear which seems foolish to you, make a list with all the things that scares you. (The spider in the bathroom? Really? Are you kidding?…)

2. Memories ( to tell to your nephews)

“Memories are like a garden. Regularly tend the pleasant blossoms and remove the invasive weeds” – Linda Fifer Ralphs

One of the primary ways in which people get emotionally attached to each other is by accumulating common memories. If the daily routine doesn’t often offer you the possibility of living significant events, worthy of being told to the young folks when you will be old, traveling gives you the opportunity to experience unique sensations and interact with new and different people. Furthermore, love(ly) pictures and small items purchased from the souvenir stalls will construct/fortify the base of material objects with a symbolic value that keeps the couple unite.

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell”– Paula Bendfeldt

Small tips for making great memories:

  • Visit the places where none of you have been before. This way you’ll discover its secret together and you’ll share the excitement of finding wonderful views, restaurants etc.
  • If you are still young and restless or if your age hasn’t steal your thirst for crazy adventures yet, go on a journey without having a plan. Don’t necessary go far, far away. For the beginning you can explore the areas around the place where you live. Pack a few things for a two/ three day trip and get a ticket to a destination that you choose by randomly putting your finger on the map of your region/ country. Or for the last station of the next train arriving at the station. Use your imagination.
  • Stay at the locals’ houses. There are many sites that support the interaction between people belonging to different cultures (for example, and many of them even offer you the opportunity to stay for free at a family/person from a foreign country in exchange for stories  about the place where you come from. In this way, both you and your life partner will learn something new and will enrich your vocabulary and the knowledge about foreigners’ behavior. After all, it’s more romantic to learn how to say “I love you” in a different language by hearing a husband telling this to his wife, right?

And also, always keep in your mind Mark Twain’s words:

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” 

3. Romance

“Travel brings power and love back into your life” – Rumi

Kisses have a better taste when they are sprinkled with the sea/ mountains aromas or when is received/given in the colors of a city full of history. The US Travel association also highlighted the fact that nearly 90% of the couples traveling together are satisfied by the romanticism of the relationship and feel happy and close to those with whom they share their lives. Thereby, 86% of respondents who travel together affirmed that the romance is still alive in their relationship, compared to 73% of respondents who don’t travel in the company of their lovers.

Also, 94% of respondents who travel as a couple confessed that they feel very close to one another, compared to only 86% of respondents who do not. This is easy to explain if we think that in everyday life people are concerned about much more pragmatic issues (jobs, studies, etc.), being too extenuated to pay attention to the little details that keep the romantic side of a relationship alive.

Traveling, on the other hand, allows you the time and relaxation necessary to make gestures of love and affection. Holding the hand of your partner is mandatory while walking in Paris. Having a diner at the light of the candles in Italy should exist in the memory coffer of every couple. For more romantic destinations, you can access the following link: .

Small tips for the sweetest traveling experiences:

  • Keep a common travel journal where you can write the beautiful things you’ve discovered about each other while traveling. You can decorate the diary with pictures taken in the places that you liked the most.
  • Listen to the traditional love music of the places where you travel while watching the stars or while making an aromatic bath.
  • Try to catch the sunrise one day and another day the sunset from the highest point of the places you are visiting.
  • Organize a picnic in a secluded area. Take fresh food from the local merchants and a bottle of wine with you.

Extra: a romantic song to listen with your lover while you hit the road.

Exchange your troubles for some love
Wherever you are
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday…

4. Making more love

When you travel, your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, goes down, which has as an immediate result a higher libido. Thus, relaxation felt as a result letting behind all daily responsibilities helps the body to free itself from negative states such as depression or anxiety, causing a general well-being associated with greater sexual appetite.

When you arrive home after a long day of work, you are too tired to have crazy sex. This thing leads to mechanical movements and fugitive touches accompanied only by the thought of the blessed sleep that follows what was supposed to be “making love”.

So if you feel the need to add some sparkle in your relationship, to get out of the monotony and to experience new things in bed with your life partner, it’s definitely time to go on a journey.

Let’s not forget that a low degree of sexual satisfaction increases the risk of breaking up.

Changing the bed where you sleep, a chill atmosphere, the sound of the waves or the walks on the streets of a beautiful city will bring back to life your sexual instincts. If you are still at the beginning of your relationship, traveling will also have beneficial effects on the couple, as being alone in a city where no one knows you will give you the chance to try the craziest actions imaginable and to find out what your partner wants/likes the most. The sensual gestures beneath the table at the restaurant, making love in the nature, all worth to be experimented!

Here’s what the US Travel Association study says about the link between sex and travel:

“Three-quarters (77%) of respondents who travel as a couple say that they have a good sex life, compared to 63% of couples who do not travel together. More than one in every four couples (28%) say their sex life improved after traveling together and of those, 40% say sex together is permanently better after travel.”

Come on baby, light my fire or small tips to melt of pleasure during your holiday:

  • As you probably already know, toys are not only for children, but for adults too, so before leaving the domestic atmosphere of your home, buy some tools you always wanted to use with your partner. If you feel ashamed of going directly to a sex shop, you can search on the internet for that nurse costume you are dreaming about since you were a teen or for a pair of devil horns like the ones you saw on somebody’s head last Halloween and you instantly felt horny. In a new place, where nobody recognizes you, you can give up your true identity for some hours and you can put into practice the most hidden desires.
  • Download the KamaSutra book on your telephone from here. Take a look on the pictures and read the advice. Believe me, it will be useful!

Sex is emotion in motion. You know what should be in motion too? Your legs!

5. Intimacy

The last but not the last reason is related to the high degree of intimacy reached by the couples who travel use to travel a lot. If at home you do not have the opportunity to spend enough time together, during your vacation you will finally be able to get away from the rest of the world and focus only on the things that connect you. Close your phone and log-out from yahoo, Facebook, Instagram etc. for several days. Talk, talk and talk again. About the big and small things you’ve done together. Make plans for the future.

Traveling will also help you to stabilize common goals.

Small tips for growing the couple intimacy during your vacation:

  • Before making the first steps of your new journey, let your relatives, friends and business colleagues know that you want to completely disconnect from everyday reality and that you prefer to not bother (excepting the extremely urgent cases).
  • Choose rustic villages or less crowded places as a destination, so you’ll have the chance to be completely alone.
  • Take long walks early in the morning / at night.
  • Never forget to love& smile.

In conclusion, pack your clothes, put all you think you need for few days in a suitcase and go to explore the world together with your soul mate. Invest your money in valuable experiences, not in things. What truly unite people are shared memories and shared adventures. Traveling will only have good effects on your couple and will make you happier.

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