Where Can You Find the Best Trading Tutors and What Can You Expect from Them

Once you’ve done your fair share of trading and won – or lost – a decent amount of money, there comes a time when you might think a tutor could really help your portfolio. While copy trading is, without a doubt, quite powerful in terms of what it can teach traders, it doesn’t compare with a good old lesson in trading and trading strategies.
Here is where trading tutors and courses come in. Even though the price of such services is rather steep, it goes without saying that reputable tutors ensure guaranteed results!
On the other hand, if you’re a beginner trader, make sure to start with the basics. Namely, visit https://www.trusted-broker-reviews.com/ms/broker/ to find out more about brokers, and then if you feel it’s necessary, move on to tutors and such.

Where to Find the Best Tutors
Obviously, finding the best tutors around isn’t something you can easily achieve. There are a lot of platforms that claim to provide state of the art courses and lessons when, in fact, they’re nothing more than just scams.
As such, when looking for trading platforms, courses, or lessons, make sure they are backed by reputed and professional traders.

  • Asia Forex Mentor – this platform, for example, provides you with courses taught by its very founder, Ezekiel Chew. This particular trader is an expert in the industry and he’s often seen speaking at major events. In short, the platform and courses are legit.
  • Thomas Kralow – unlike the platform mentioned above, this entry refers to a professional trader and investor that you can have as your tutor. His main advantages are a seven year career paired with more than nine million dollars in real profit to show for it.
  • eToro Trading School – most of you might know that, at the moment, eToro is one of the leading trading platforms in the world. As such, they had more than enough incentive to open a trading school meant to not only attract more people to the trading platform but also to teach them how to stay alive in this fast passed environment for longer!
  • Tim Sykes – this trader is known for having made millions over the course of his career, starting only from penny stocks trading. His personal platform features a plethora of tutorials, new courses, watchlists, as well as trade alerts that can put new traders on top.

What Can You Expect from Trading Tutors?
First and foremost, just like with fitness training programs bought over the internet, you can’t really expect one-on-one chats with any of the professional tutors you might find.
You might, on the other hand, be invited to daily chatrooms where they may answer a question or two, but nothing too direct. Obviously, one-on-one chats would be impossible given the increasing number of traders worldwide.
The best thing that you can expect from tutors or lesson programs is well-explained and detailed information. There are classes starting at roughly $100 a month of packages of around $1000. If you buy them from the right people/platforms, they are surely packed with everything you need when it comes to trading!

The Bottom Line
Finding tutors or online courses is not difficult. A simple Google search could lead you straight to your first trading scam – yes! Here’s the important thing!
It takes more than one Google search to find the tutor that can really teach you how to invest wisely. Therefore, take your time when searching for tutors/courses – preferably more time than it takes you to determine if you should invest in a stock or not.

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