Foreplay – A Stepping Stone for Your Sex Life

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Everybody knows that the journey is more meaningful than the destination. This is why, sometimes, it is not necessarily compulsory to hurry things up in order to reach the peak you set in mind and achieve the satisfaction you desire. This is why foreplay, the prelude of the sexual intercourse, is a stepping stone for your sex life.

While some may say it is overrated, some others may strongly disagree. Enjoying the journey is one of the first things that make both partners achieve the pleasure they desire, after a smooth and enjoyable process that starts and ends well. Yes, you might be on cloud nine when you finish the journey, but you’ll always remember where, when and especially how it all started.

You might think that foreplay is important only for women, but the truth is, in order for both partners to be satisfied and to reach the climax, each sexual intercourse should be preceded by prelude- which does not only set the mood, but also stimulates both partners in order for the sexual act itself to be more pleasurable than ever.

Why foreplay is important, how you start it and make it spicy and what ideas you can put in practice in order to make sure you and your partner enjoy special, hot moments that finish with climax on the both parts are questions whose answers you’ll find here. Read on to find out why foreplay is a stepping stone for your sex life.

Foreplay: Why is it important?

When done properly, foreplay can be even more enjoyable than the main event. Because it is the opening event, foreplay sets the mood, the atmosphere, preparing the partners both physically and emotionally for sex.

From the biological perspective, foreplay is the crucial moment which enhances the sexual arousal. While men are stimulated more easily by having erections, women take more time to be aroused and for them- just thinking about it is simply not enough all the time. Nevertheless, the biological process is almost the same for both sexes, as it involves the rushing of blood through the clitoris, which leads to the erection needed in order to obtain an orgasm. This sexual arousal, equal for men and women as it prepares them for a comfortable intercourse, leads to wetness, which makes the penetration smoother and more enjoyable.

When it comes to the psychological perspective, foreplay makes both partners discover each other more and creates a closer connection between them. These feelings instill the sense of security, decrease vulnerability and even enhances the couple’s relationship outside the bedroom. In order to make sure your partner receive all the attention she/he deserves, do not forget to offer the caresses, kisses and embraces desired. Nights that start this way are, for sure, unforgettable.

Foreplay: How to do it?

As each couple engaging in sexual intercourse is different and enjoys different things, there is no right way as to how the perfect foreplay can be done. Nevertheless, with the proper attention given to your partner’s desires and fantasies, you might embark on unforgettable journeys that start with the perfect tips to spicy up your sexual experiences. Read our foreplay tips and make sure you consider foreplay as a stepping stone for your sex life:

  1. Take things slow

While rough sex rides might be among your desires, find out that most people enjoy a slow start that gives you the chance to build up into something great. From gentle touches to soft kisses and slow music, you can increase the pace and make your partner enjoy the process even more. Increasing the sexual tension between you two will be the key to achieving the climax that you both desire.

  1. Anticipation is the key

Foreplay does not need to happen five or ten minutes before the sexual intercourse. You can play with your partner’s mind and prepare him/her for the ride even days before you actually meet. From sending naughty texts to whispering something in his/her ear, you can arouse their desire and make them think about the following date even more than you think. By anticipating the sexual intercourse, you make sure you set the mood and turn your partner on even before you’re with him/her.

  1. Don’t forget about the sensitive spots

There is a ton of sensitive spots you can stimulate in your partner. Apart from the attention you need to pay on the partner’s intimate parts, you should try and discover what spots does your partner feel sexual pleasure from and take advantage of your knowledge during foreplay. The breasts, the neck, the inner thighs- every part of the other’s body can be caressed, played with and given attention to.

  1. Stimulate all the senses

Apart from touching, you can get the things where they need to be by using other senses as well. In order to put their nerves on edge, you might want to create an enjoyable atmosphere, with delicious smelling candles, sexy lingerie, sensual music and erotic whispers- it will for sure get your partner’s imagination spinning.

  1. Teasing

The sexiest foreplay is based on teasing: giving the other what he/she wants and then drawing it back makes their desire be increased and the atmosphere to be less tense and more playful. From oral sex to naughty remarks, you can try a lot of things to arouse the other’s desire and make sure you offer him/her a pleasurable experience.

With these foreplay tips in your mind, you can’t go wrong. This already not-so-secret ingredient that makes every sexual experience even more enjoyable and fun will ensure you of reaching the peak of sexual satisfaction you desire.

Foreplay: Hot ideas to put in practice

Since we’ve already spoken about the importance of foreplay- both physical and emotional- we’re ready to offer you some fun ideas to be put in practice in order for you and your partner to both enjoy unique sexual experiences meant to be meaningful and comfortable for both. Check out our hot foreplay ideas that you will definitely want to try:

  1. Start off outside the bedroom

Everybody likes spontaneity, especially when it is related to sex. Try initiating foreplay in different places, such as the garage or your office and the flame will for sure continue to burn when you reach your bedroom as well.

  1. Talk dirty

While not everyone enjoys hearing their partner talking dirty during intercourse, starting off with naughty words might arouse their interest and get things going more quickly than you have imagined.

  1. Communicate

As mentioned before, people are different and so are their tastes. A good conversation can be the perfect occasion to arouse someone’s desire- especially if it is about sex and your desires. Your partner of discussion will for sure be eager to fulfill your wishes if he/she already knows about them.

  1. Perform a lap dance

You do not even have to know how to dance to perform a pleasurable foreplay which includes a lap dance. Let your partner undress you and move gently, touching him/her and the rest will for sure come naturally.

  1. Do the Unexpected

Getting out of the routine is one of the best ways to arouse your partner’s sexual desires. Catching your partner off guard will surprise him/her, as well as arouse him/her. Try morning sex, leave the lights on or try new moves- these changes will for sure be welcomed.

  1. Perform a fantasy

Fulfilling your partner’s desires through different dress-ups or scenarios can be the key to a very pleasurable sexual encounter. Pay attention to their wishes and put them in practice- you’ll get to enjoy it as well.

  1. Massage

Because it involves a lot of touching, massages are always a best idea to start off a great sex night. Not only does it get you and your partner the chance to get relaxed, but it is also the best occasion to get closer to each other smoothly and pleasurably.

  1. Hot couple games

Being playful is one of the key things when speaking about foreplay. Not only do you become more comfortable with each other, but you also give the right signals to your partner: I’m ready to play and have fun.

  1. Try new places

Foreplay can consist of a sexy look, a sexy move or a naughty whisper. This is why it can be done in many places that will surprise your partner and make him/her look forward to get closer to you. A café, a concert or simply the usual market place are the best places to set the mood.

  1. Prepare surprises

From lit candles to bubble baths, you can prepare a great atmosphere for your partner. Make sure you offer the right circumstances for him/her to get aroused and want to spend an enjoyable night together.

See? Foreplay is, indeed, a stepping stone for your sex life. It’s one of the most enjoyable moments in a sexual encounter that should make both partners enjoy their sex life- the best starting point that will prepare both you and your partner for a great journey with a satisfying end.

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