Start the Day with a Smile. Special Breakfast in Bed Tips for Couples

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For me morning is probably the best part of the day. When I was single I woke up, made my coffee, enjoyed the silence and smoke two-three ciggares while preparing my day. It was my time of meditation, a sacred ritual no one was allowed to disturb.

I haven’t been single for the past two years. Me and Andreea have moved together about one year ago. As other things changed such did mornings. I can’t always enjoy the silence or my time of meditation and to tell you the truth it was pretty hard to adapt at first. That was until I realized I gained more than I lost.

Now I wake up and instead of making my coffee, most of the times it’s already prepared as Andreea takes care of this for me, although she doesn’t drink any. Or, if she didn’t manage to rise before me, that means that she’s right there, in bed, next to me. It’s a great feeling to wake up next to the person you love and see her sleeping so peacefully, like nothing could harm her while she’s near you.

Either way, I get filled by a feeling of appreciation and every time I realize how much she means to me. And then I go to the kitchen and find the breakfast ready and her smiling. There’s no ritual that can beat that and if you love mornings so much as I do you will want to hear my breakfast in bed tips for couples :).

1. Special Breakfasts Need Time

tips for couples breakfast in bedAlthough the word “fast” can be found in “breakfast“, for a special breakfast in bed to succeed you need time. You need to enjoy the breakfast, the moment, and not just eat in a hurry. So don’t do this in the middle of the week when you’re both on the rush to get to work. Wait for the weekend. This will also give you more time for preparation as your partner won’t wake up as early as he/she usually does during the week.

2. Put that Alarm to Work

Considering it’s a breakfast, as you may already expect, the first thing you need to do is wake up early. You need time to prepare your surprise don’t you?!

So I’m sorry to be the one that brings the bad news to you but this weekend you’ll be sleeping less than usual. Put that alarm to work, set it 1-2 hours earlier than the usual hour your partner wakes up during weekends. If he/she asks why you are waking up so early just say that you have to work on something or make up an excuse.

3. Buy

I don’t know your partner’s culinary choices but I do know that in order for a surprise breakfast in bed to work you should prepare his/her favorite morning food. I don’t know if it’s sandwiches, eggs and bacon or something else but you’ll have to buy whatever you know he/she likes. Sneak out of the house and go to the closest grocery store and buy whatever you find useful for the breakfast in bed. If you’re a guy don’t forget to take a flower on way back home. If you’re a girl a greeting card with some nice words on will do just fine.

As I said in an earlier post, if you know your partner has a special something for a type of coffee or tea but for some reason you don’t have it home in that moment, it would be a really great thing to buy it and prepare it for him/her.

4. Create

You don’t have to have a blackbelt in culinary arts to make a breakfast. So I’ll skip the preparation part. What you do have to create instead is the moment. You can be sure that he/she will be pleasantly surprised by the breakfast in bed and all the fuss you’ve gone through to prepare it. But I for one always like to add a special touch so that it won’t be just a breakfast in bed, but that special breakfast in bed!

The first thing you’ll want to be paying attention too are details. I don’t have OCD, but it’s great to have everything perfectly organized on the plate, than to just throw them there. This way, even if you failed with your food (if you’re a great cook such as I am there is a good possibility that this happens) and it doesn’t look so good, organizing everything will still make the breakfast look interesting. So put everything in place, the plates, the cutlery and, if it’s about a her, the flowers. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Look at the two pictures below. As you can see the one in the left tends to look like death on a plate while the other on the right wishes you a beautiful morning. The difference? The details and the way the two are organized.

breafkast in bed fail couples creative breafkast in bed couples

Now that you’ve organized your plates and everything is in place you need to think about what can you prepare extra for this breakfast in bed surprise. Keep the surprise until the end when he or she thinks that everything is over. When your partner finishes eating and things cool down a bit, just take out whatever you bought and surprise him/her once more. If it’s a her, you can buy a big box of candies, if it’s a him and smokes, you can buy him some special, more expensive cigarettes.

Under each plate, cup, glass you could also add some nice messages. If you don’t really care about those plates, you can write them down with a marker. This way they’ll always remain there and you’ll remember that morning each time you’ll look at them. If you don’t want to ruin your set, then just write the messages on small pieces of paper and hide them beneath. I’m sure you’ll find a solution! 🙂

In my opinion, a successful breakfast in bed for a couple doesn’t have to necessarily refer to just the breakfast. I’m sure you know your partner’s morning routines like: he/she wakes up, goes to the bathroom, turns on the laptop etc. You can put small gifts in every place you know he/she visits every morning or just one bigger gift in the place you know your partner visits last. This way, not only that your boyfriend or girlfriend will be surprised by the breakfast, the candy, the messages etc., but he/she will also have the gift to get crazy about.

Hope I made your morning as well as your partner’s.

Stay tuned in for future articles!

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