Top 10 Shortest Marriages Ever

Shortest Marriages in History

Maybe you’ve never thought about this – the shortest marriages ever. Yes, most people believe that marriage is a commitment that you take for a lifetime and they don’t think about divorce right after the wedding.

Well, sometimes this can happen and marriages don’t even last a month. You might be wondering, why do these people decide on getting married if they’re divorcing so quickly? Cases can vary but in most of the examples we will be covering in this article, we are talking about celebrities, that wither do this for more fame or because they are uncertain of their relationship.

  1. A Man From Dubai Divorced His Wife a Few Minutes After the Ceremony

We are definitely not joking about it. Right after the man signed the marriage contract, he got out of the room and went next door to get divorced right away. Why? He and his wife discussed her not keeping her job after they get married. At that given point she accepted and everything was sorted out, or so he thought. Right before the ceremony, his ex-wife’s father came to him and said that the only condition that he has is to let her wife keep her job.

He was ashamed to say “no” to him so he accepted the condition but knew that he wouldn’t want to be married to her. This man will probably get to be in the Guinness World Records for having the shortest marriage ever in history!

  1. Four Days of Marriage

A couple from the United Kingdom divorced after just four days of signing the papers. This time the reason was jealousy. The husband was jealous because he thought that his wife was flirting with his best man. He became violent, beat her up and decided to smash all their wedding presents.

  1. Him who Died After Saying “I Do”

There isn’t a lot of information on this subject, but in the month of April 1967, the 65 years old Ramon Cusi dies after saying the two important words in a wedding ceremony – “I do”. It’s not known why did he passed but it was a traumatizing experience for everybody, especially his wife who became a widow in just a few seconds.

  1. When You Can’t Get Married

If you thought the stories weren’t getting more interesting, you’re wrong. In 1983, a Hungarian actress by the name of Zsa Zsa Gabor married her ninth husband on a yacht. Little did they know that the wedding will be canceled just the next day because of the beautiful woman… was already married? She did file the divorce with her eight husbands but the case wasn’t closed yet so technically, she was still a spouse.

If you thought this story is a little bit funny, you should know that they never actually got married after the prior divorce was finalized – “it wasn’t fun anymore”, she said.

  1. Oops… she was married for 2 days

I thought we should be talking about famous people as well. As we know, celebrities tend to have a lot of “fails” when it comes to relationships and marriage. The thing is, most of them keep everything about their life private so we wouldn’t know how long do their relationships/marriages last.

Even though they try to keep things a secret, it wasn’t the case when Brittney Spears got married in Vegas to Jason Alexander. As everybody expects, when you get married in Vegas, it’s never good news. Two days after the marriage, she filled a divorce, mentioning that she wasn’t in the best state of mind and she didn’t understand her actions and the repercussions of a marriage.

  1. Wife “Cheats” on Husband

For an Algerian man, the night that was supposed to be the greatest – the night after the wedding, became his worst nightmare. He saw her wife without make-up in the morning and got extremely scared, thinking at first that it was another person – a thief

After that, he decided to sue her for psychological damage and asked for about 13,000 pounds. He said that he felt cheated and that she portrayed herself as something she is not.

  1. Second Thoughts Right After the Event

In the fall of 1919, actress Jean Acker married Rudolph Valentino. After the marriage, the actress had regrets and realized that she shouldn’t have done this. Well, instead of discussing the matter she decides to lock him out of their bedroom.

After that, it is known that their relationship was never consummated in any way and they didn’t even have any encounters. Interesting way of asking for a divorce…

  1. The “Greedy” Husband

After marrying Muntaj Ansari, who was 26, the 18-year-old groom, Rubana Parveen, asks for a large amount of money, for him to buy a motorcycle. He then says that if she doesn’t do what he wants he will divorce her and she will not be married anymore.

Things started going downhill when locals started to accuse him of being greedy. Moreover, they shaved a strip of his hair and made him wear a sign around his neck that explained what he did – “I am greedy for dowry”. Their marriage only lasted for about three hours and the wife married someone else the same day.

  1. Social Media Was to Blame

Before the wedding, a Saudi-Arabian soon to be husband and wife signed a prenuptial agreement which stated that they are not allowed to use Social Media on their wedding day.

After just two hours, the wife posted something from their wedding on her Snapchat account. When that happened, the groom dissolved the wedding and called immediately for a divorce.

  1. Cheating is Always an Issue

In 2004, Mario Lopes who was a television host married model Ali Landy and it lasted almost two weeks. The cause was that he cheated on his soon to be wife at his bachelor party. When she found out she filed for a divorce and moved on with her life.

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